Weather in the house: 3 reasons for quarrels in the family, which you can get rid of

As it was sung in one song known to all of us, the most important thing is the weather in the house. It really is. But how to maintain it good, if the family conflicts constantly occur?

Constant quarrels in the family - is this normal or is the problem

Of course, there is no relationship without conflict. This is quite normal when the husband and wife find out the issues on which they came to a different conclusion. But all this is normal only if the discussions are held in a disciplined way, they do not reach the point of absurdity. If every minor conflict develops into a serious quarrel, then to no good, of course, this does not lead.

The causes of quarrels between spouses

What are the reasons why a husband and wife quarrel most often? Psychologists distinguish three main ones:

Jealousy in relationship

This is a serious and important issue that could lead to a divorce. One person winds himself up, most often in vain. The second partner, in turn, feels that his freedom is being curtailed.


Every person wants to see his partner perfect. And this is also quite logical desire. However, it is worth noting that everyone has their own, subjective opinion as to how this can be perfect. It is worth remembering that for some reason the couple is still together.


Every person has his own problems. Sometimes we all really need someone to support and understand us. The spouse, as the closest person, is the one from whom we are waiting for understanding and advice. The negative reaction from the partner is the worst.

How to avoid a quarrel with her husband

What to do to finally end the family conflicts?

Try to understand it: very often problems occur precisely in the vein that one of the partners cannot understand the second. For example, a wife wants to become a mother, and her husband does not want children. And perhaps he has his own arguments.

  • Do not throw out extra information on him: whether to tell your husband about the betrayal, declare old grievances and those questions in which you are dissatisfied with them: it is better to keep all this with you without burdening your loved one. Unless, of course, there is a problem that deserves a separate discussion.
  • Get rid of causeless jealousy: the husband looks at other women? This does not mean that he is going to cheat on you. If you get rid of obsessive ideas, it will be calmer for him and you. If, of course, the husband is sitting on a dating site, it makes sense to discuss it with him.
  • Go for a compromise: how to make peace with her husband? Just keep in mind that it is more difficult for him, as a strong sex, to admit his mistake. Be softer with him and he will gradually learn.