French woman secrets: 3 ways to win any man

French women around the world are considered a real standard. They are beautiful and stylish, independent and friendly. And they know how to love, and at the same time respect themselves, without betraying their interests. This is their talent as an American writer with French roots Jamie Kat Callan wrote a whole book, “French Women Do not Sleep Alone,” which we highly recommend to read to those who have had all their recent meetings with complete failure. So, how do French women go on dates and how do they always get pleasure from it?

Frenchwoman prefers dating "in the company"

No, this is not what you thought. Just French ladies absolutely do not see the point in dating one man alone. Firstly, it’s so much harder to enjoy the date itself — who knows if you have anything in common? Another thing - in the company. Such a meeting will tell a lot about him, because he will not only communicate with you. It's great if all people are familiar to you. You can, for example, call him to a party with a girlfriend or invite a company to the theater or billiards, calling him at the same time.

The main thing is to be yourself

The Frenchwoman will not adapt to her partner and try to impress him. What for? In such a date, initially there is no point, because he will not have to live with your invented image, but with you. It is much more correct to transmit to the partner his own life views, tastes, worldview. And opinions, of course. Do you like jazz? Why don't you attend a jazz concert together?

Lightness and naturalness should be in everything

French women are honest in everything - with themselves and with those around them. They will not dress in a luxurious dress in which they can barely breathe. Is it in such a state that you can figure out what kind of person came with you? Not to mention the fact that the most beautiful woman from the point of view of a French woman looks like this - comfortable clothes, a relaxed hairstyle and, of course, bright red lipstick, the main French tool for seducing men.