A cure for love: 7 ways to stop loving a man and no longer suffer

Love brings not only pleasant emotions, but also negative ones. Some women avoid mutual feelings, others enjoy them. Having strong feelings for the opposite sex is a drug of sorts. The girl will enjoy the hormones of love, which produces her body, from which there is fever, trembling in the chest and sublime emotions. What to do when a person did not reciprocate or betrayed? How to stop loving a man?

How to stop loving a man if there are no prospects in a relationship?

The ability to complete the initially doomed relationship is a useful skill that every modern woman should possess. A few centuries ago, there was no need to end a relationship with a man. If the boy and the girl liked each other, then they got married and they had children. At that time, divorces were a rarity. After long years of family life, the husband or wife died - this was the only moment that could separate the lovers. If at the stage of courtship a couple came to intimate closeness, then according to the rules a man should have married his beloved. Until the middle of the last century, all educational institutions were divided into male and female. This limited the communication of opposite sexes.

Today the situation looks completely different. Even in school, girls begin to talk, meet with guys. Some couples behave innocently, others - enter into intimacy with each other. Therefore, from a young age, girls should know how to end a relationship without a future.

The longer a woman is in a relationship that she no longer needs, the sadder she is to live. Bad mood gradually develops into depression. This is similar to the situation when a guy has fallen out of love with his girlfriend, but for some reason does not want to end the relationship. The faster such a couple breaks up, the better it will be for both.

The correct way out of this situation depends on such factors:

  • the duration of the relationship;
  • the presence or absence of children;
  • separate or cohabitation.

If the spouses do not live together, then the woman should disappear for a few days, turn off the phone. The same should be done if the husband and wife still live on the same living space. If a man does not worry, then this is a sign that the relationship is over. If you are experiencing - you should answer him shortly and clearly, that everything is all right with you. Then, after weighing everything, you should talk to him about parting.

How to stop loving a man and not suffer?

Psychologists say that experiencing separation without suffering is possible in the following way:

  1. To realize that parting is not the end of the world and you can live on.
  2. Prioritization.
  3. It is necessary to put an end to the relationship.
  4. Summarize. We must remember that the former lover did more bad than good.
  5. It is important to fight aggression. It is necessary to forgive a man, not to keep him angry.
  6. You should say goodbye to pain.
  7. It is necessary to raise self-esteem. Psychologists recommend to make drastic changes: make a new hairstyle, change the style, say goodbye to those extra pounds.

How to stop loving a married man?

It is necessary to go through several stages of parting:

  • A woman must make a firm decision to part completely. We'll have to forget about plans, hopes.
  • It is necessary to break all contacts.
  • A girl should be honest with herself and a former lover.
  • It is necessary to retire and reconsider the former connection.

Why a man does not like: is it possible to attract his attention

Representatives of the weaker sex need to know that a bright and defiant appearance will not make a man fall in love. When looking at such a girl, a man does not even think about serious relations with her.

The psyche of the guys is designed so that they do not pay attention to the details. Male consciousness perceives the whole image: femininity, manners, openness. It is important to be not only beautifully dressed, self-confident, but also smart, moderately modest. To interest a man, you must show your interest in his hobbies.

Stop thinking about a man: the advice of a psychologist

The best way to stop thinking about the former is to focus on any hobby. Still need to minimize contact with him. Be sure to surround yourself with new acquaintances, buddies and friends. Communicating with new and interesting people is an effective way to forget about your former lover.