How to cut a lemon to lose weight - you did not know about it

Lemon contains a large amount of vitamin C, which helps your immunity. In addition, it has nutrients that help your skin to be fresh and rested. Such properties just should not be ignored. Lemonade or lemon juice before meals should become your daily habit. But only if you treat this fruit correctly and choose it carefully will it really work.

Choose right

From what kind of lemon you choose, it will depend on how much juice you get from it. Most fruits are grown with the addition of various chemicals, so that they linger longer in the store. In addition, they break green, and then in artificial conditions bring to the desired state. The skin is slightly yellowish, thin and as if with a film on the surface. And those that you need, smaller in size, have an even thinner skin - It is from these lemons that you get more juice. What to say about taste: it will definitely not disappoint you.

Prepare a lemon

True! Fruit with room temperature tastes brighter and richer, and lemons are no exception. Remove the fruit from the refrigerator an hour before you are going to cut it. And if you do not have so much time, put the lemon in the microwave for 10 seconds or in a container with warm water for a few minutes.

Cut horizontally

Instead of cutting from one end to the other, cut in the middle. After that, cut the lemon into slices: get three or four from each half. Then peel off, but not completely. Squeeze! This technique really works.