5 models of coat that will highlight your seductive forms

It is not so easy to look tempting, especially in outerwear. But today there are so many beautiful and different models that we only need to choose - which part of the body we are seducing today, and designers will always help with their ideas. In addition to visual seduction, do not forget about your positive emotions. Indeed, one of the aspects of seduction is our mood. It fills us with charm, beauty and sexual energy.

Coat with accent

The length of this model was not chosen by designers accidentally - the main focus on women's ankles. In surveys, most men point out the ankles as one of the most exciting parts of the body. Interestingly, with the approach of spring, the male part of the population always says that women suddenly all at once became noticeably more beautiful. Now I understand why - after all, just after the winter wrapping, we open more ankles.
Coats Rinascimento,. Coats Rinascimento,.

Coat with belt

Recently, Portuguese scientists conducted a study and found that the most attractive for men is the bend of the female back. This model will undoubtedly emphasize this alluring part of your figure.
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This popular coat model will reveal many of the advantages of the figure. V-neckline will make you look slimmer and taller. It focuses on your face and neck, and also allows you to see the sexy and fragile collarbone.
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Coat with soft folds

Ajar part of the legs and expressive hips - this model is simply created to demonstrate the beauty and seductiveness of a woman. Especially in windy weather. The belt highlights the waist, the soft folds of the coat are captivatingly draped on the hips, and the legs are decorated with a high slit.
Coat Ruxara, Coat Ruxara,

Short coat

Short coats are designed to discover the elegance of women's legs. It doesn’t matter if they are thrown one over the other or seductively flash in gait - the female magical legs affect most men. Psychologists say that, historically, this part of the female body was hidden from the male gaze for quite a long time, so now men enjoy enjoying the beautiful views.
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