When a woman does these 5 things, she is happy in a relationship

Set your own security

In order to work on something with our man, we first need to invest enough in our own sense of security. We must have our own personal sense of comfort, which comes from within, so that in the event of any conflict, we can speak as an integral person, and not as a person with internal injuries, complexes and fears.

Know your boundaries

In order for relationships to work, people must know their own boundaries and talk about them. We must independently define things for ourselves that are absolutely unacceptable for us. Even such a trifle as love for dogs or such a serious thing that comes from childhood like a hot-tempered character and bad habits can be unacceptable. If we ourselves know what is the norm for us and what is not. We will be able to comply with our standards, therefore, we will be able to avoid feelings of disrespect or being used. Be sure to talk about their standards beloved one.

Keep your boundaries

We do not command respect when we say that if treason is repeated again, then we will leave, but each time we remain. It is our task to protect our borders and respect them. We have the right to have our needs and to make them meet. Respect your right to vote, this is the first step towards respecting you.

Understand how to love you

We must teach the people around us to love us. People are not born with the knowledge of what other people’s needs are. It is our task to show and tell them about it. You have to talk about your love language, how you solve conflicts, how to talk better with you, and so on. We are all so different. Someone understands that they love her when she gets a pair of new earrings, while others see love in a note with pleasant words.

Do not force

So, you have understood yourself, created your boundaries, told about your love language. Now the task of the partner is to satisfy all these needs, if it is in his power. We cannot force another person to satisfy all our needs and desires. All we have to do is to show respect for ourselves and learn to walk away from situations if they violate our borders.

Relationships require a lot of work, but if we work on something that cannot even be fixed, it will be an unnecessary sacrifice on our part.