5 principles of harmony, or why do you need independence in relationships


The question of who is in the main house and what the relationship between husband and wife should be in general is quite acute in modern society. It seems to be equality, but then why does the husband, if his words and opinion are not decisive? But there is a golden mean. What is independence in a relationship, and why does it have to be present?

Relationship and independence: are they compatible?

Independence, in the opinion of many people, presupposes the existence of freedom, which means that it does not fit into the relationship too much. As if not so. We explain why independence and relations are quite compatible:

  1. A man and a woman can decide whether they want to be together. They are linked by love, not by habit and painful dependence on each other.
  2. Independence in relationships will help get rid of a number of conflicts and problems in relationships. For example, related to the financial sector, hobbies and other similar things.
  3. Financial independence can make a woman's life easier, make her independent from the mood of a man.
  4. Independence in the relationship will allow you to save social ties and not to remain in the event of a break at the broken trough.
  5. Independence from each other will allow each of the partners to remain a full-fledged person with their desires, interests and hobbies.

How to be independent with a man

Independence is beautiful. But, unfortunately, not all men, and couples, in principle, are able to understand and accept it. How can a woman achieve such independence?

Set boundaries

And to do it best from the very beginning of the relationship. If you try to do this later, you may encounter a man’s misunderstanding about this.

Discuss frames

For each person, there is what is allowed for him and what is not. For example, a woman may indicate that she will continue to communicate with male friends.

Follow the rules

To allow you this independence, a man must trust you. It is not surprising if you are ready to fall into the arms of a man you like or are too frank with yourself, that a man will tense up and hardly allow you such independence.

Open relationships: vulgarity or normal

What about open relationships that are gaining more and more popularity? Relationships that provide for complete freedom in the choice of partners often cause misunderstanding in society.

No wonder, because the risks here are considerable. You cannot guarantee that none of your man’s casual partners will charm him more than you.

However, from the point of view of independence, such relationships are perhaps the most practical. Nobody owes you anything, but you owe nothing to anyone.

Financial independence of women in relationships

The Internet is literally full of extremely tempting offers on how a wife becomes financially independent from a man. We are talking about ways of earning, which are often in doubt. However, should a woman be financially independent? We understand what advantages it has:

Wife can spend money on herself

If you see a luxurious dress in a store, you can simply go and buy it, because it is your personal money.

There is no need to put up with unacceptable behavior on the part of men.

If he insults you or demands something you don’t want to do, you can don’t. And just turn around and leave. Financial dependence on men will not allow this.