7 diseases, the cause of which is a sedentary lifestyle

Professions, where the sedentary lifestyle is mainly practiced, are increasing every year. The danger of this type of activity lies in the fact that diseases arising from a frequent sitting position, gradually expose the body to danger. Sometimes a person gets diseases that he learns too late.


This is a disease that can cause many other problems in the body. Due to the fact that the spine is fixed only in one position, nutrients can not fully fall into it. This causes a load that causes pain not only in the back, but also in other organs.

Increase activity. It does not mean running or strong exercise. It is enough to walk around the office or another room, go through the landing a couple of times and so on. In this way, the sedentary effect can be reduced.

Herniated disc

Due to the periodic pressure is the displacement of the spine. In the most difficult cases, this problem can cause a person’s disability.

To prevent the muscles from atrophying and being strong enough to support the spine, experts advise to take a few minutes of exercise during breaks: flexing the elbows and legs, squats, and bending.


Another disease, the source of which is a sedentary image. There is a disease due to the uneven position of the neck and spine. So in the process of sitting the body of the person leans forward, due to which the spine arches. In this case, the muscles and joints atrophy, become weak. This causes headaches and neck pain. In addition, posture affects the position of the internal organs. That is why slouching can lead to digestive tract problems.

During the working day, take the habit to monitor posture. For this purpose, you can purchase a special orthopedic vest.

Excess weight

ShutterstockKilograms run due to a decrease in activity. Calories in the body begin to accumulate, as a result, turn into fat. Due to the minimal ability to move, the weight is constantly increasing.

If a person adheres to a sedentary image, then in addition to increasing activity, it is important to eat foods with a minimum caloric content. Thus, the food consumed will contribute to the maintenance of life, gradually spending fat reserves. It is recommended to drink plenty of water - the weight will go much faster.

Deep vein thrombosis

Minimal body movement leads to cessation of blood access to parts of the body. This causes a blood clot - a blocked vein.

During the working day it is necessary to do at least a few breaks. This will not only reduce the load on the eyes, but also on the spine and other organs. During this time, you can do a light workout for the body, walk around the office.

Decreased visual acuity

More than half of humanity is struggling with eye problems. Vision falls due to poor illumination, immobility of pupils, excessive fatigue and other factors.

Equip your workplace. To reduce the load on the eyes, you should properly arrange the items on the desktop. This is especially true of the computer. It is recommended to move the monitor to waste from 50 to 60 cm from the head. The optimal location of the table - left side to the window. Also take breaks to break away from the monitor and at least just look around.

Gynecological diseases

Their occurrence is due to impaired blood flow to the pelvic area. This may be the factor that caused diseases of the genital system. Active movement also helps to cope with this.

It is important to pay attention to the conditions of rest. Sleep is the time when the body should relax and rejuvenate in comfort. Therefore, it is important to choose the right bed: not too hard mattress and a soft pillow, which has bends.

Working in a sitting position can adversely affect the human body. To reduce such risks, follow some simple tips. Then proper nutrition, periodic exercise, effectively created workplace can be a good solution to combat this problem.