Only Muscovites have these 5 habits

Someone envies Muscovites, because they live in the main administrative and cultural center of our country. All the best things happen exactly in Moscow (in fairness it should be noted that Peter has a lot of interesting things to do), and one should go there at least to plunge into the real life of a big city. But the move will not pass for you completely. What habits does the capital instill in its inhabitants?

Calculate the road with traffic jams

Everybody heard about Moscow traffic jams - not only in Russia, but also abroad. Therefore, without a clear planning, you will get to the place you need for ages, and will definitely be late wherever possible. That is why in the smartphone of every Muscovite there is always an application that allows you to build the best way to work.

Make appointments at the metro station

Because it is the easiest. Monuments, restaurants, cafes, clubs - there are too many of them in Moscow, and not even all Muscovites know them, not to mention visitors. But metro stations know everything (in extreme cases, they are easy to find).

Portable charging is carried

The rhythm of a big city dictates its own rules. If you left the house only to go to the nearest store, or drink coffee somewhere nearby, this does not mean that you will immediately return home. And without charging a smartphone today, nowhere: how, for example, traffic jams count and choose the best way?

Eat on the go

There is the same problem as in the previous paragraph. There is a lot of work, not enough time, constant traffic jams or transfers to the subway (it depends on how you move), long distances - there is simply no time for food. But do not die of hunger?

Panic if you left the house without headphones

I know a lot of people who can come back for headphones, no matter how far they go. But usually it is not required, because their absence is noticed all at once, leaving the house. Well, how can you do without them?