Skeletons of the past: 10 things that wives carefully hide from their husbands

Undoubtedly, each of us has skeletons in the closet, which we carefully hide and protect from prying eyes. This is especially true for women - some episodes of their past are so jealously guarded from the husband that sometimes it comes to paranoia. Why? Because every woman is firmly convinced that if a man finds out about this, then he will immediately leave her.

1. Number of partners

Of course, this is the very first item. No woman will ever tell her man the truth about how many partners she actually had. She would rather diminish the figure by 2 times, or even provide everything as if she had met only one man.

2. Youth parties

As a rule, such parties always have a lot of alcohol, a little self-control and a huge number of nice boys.

3. Conflicts in the family

Usually, women shy away from the topic of talking about their family and parents, if quarrels and conflicts flourished there and everything was far from as smooth as we would like.

4. Windy friends

Well, why should a man know that your girlfriends are reckless, windy and loving to walk with interest? Better he thinks that you are surrounded by muslin and noble maidens.

5. Bad habits

Here we are talking about bad habits that are in the past, because living with a man under the same roof and hide their addiction is almost impossible. A large number of women admitted that they did not tell their husbands that they used to like to drink, were fond of smoking, or even tried soft drugs.

6. Poor childhood

Oddly enough, women also prefer not to talk about the need and poverty of childhood. Apparently, this is a topic that is so sick and beating on one's own self-esteem and a picture of an ideal woman, that it is better to leave it on the outskirts of one's own memory.

7. Experiments in sex

Perhaps only a professional courtesan would be proud to have slept with three men at the same time and tried extreme sex, but not a decent and loyal wife. She will hide her sexual experiments of the past behind seven locks so that in the eyes of her husband she will look chaste and unsophisticated.

8. Prestigious work

Most women are embarrassed by the fact that in their youth and student years they worked as waitresses, dishwashers, salesmen or cleaners (and someone and someone hotter). Naturally, this information does not make a woman more prestigious in the men's eyes, so it's best to keep silent about her.

9. Shameful parting

That very parting, when the man used you in an impudent manner, then betrayed you treacherously, lowered the self-esteem below the plinth and, without repenting, went to another. About how we were humiliated for a long time, asking us to return it, we collected a broken heart in pieces and otkovyrivali themselves from the floor, we will not tell anyone and never. Especially my husband.

10. Own appearance

Many women believe that in their youth they absolutely did not know how to dress, dye and care for themselves. That is why they are so carefully hide from their men all the evidence of that time, so as not to accidentally lose face.