A life

I am your husband's mistress, and I want to buy it from you

My friend Anya had a most unpleasant event. Her husband Yura got himself a mistress. Okay, let's say, in our time, this will not surprise anyone, and many women just turn a blind eye, and live themselves very well further. But what happened to Ani is a blatant and out of the ordinary misunderstanding.

It all started one fine June morning when an unfamiliar number appeared on the girlfriend's phone. In general, Anya tried not to respond to strangers, but this time something disturbed inside, and she picked up the phone. “Hello, is this Anna?”, Sang a high girlish voice. "Yes. And who are you? ”Anya asked in her turn. “My name is Milan. I really need to see you. Right urgently. This is a matter of life and death, believe me. If you do not come, it will be bad not only for you, but also for me, and your husband Yura, and your two daughters. I'll be waiting for you in an cafe in an hour, ”and the strange stranger called the address and disconnected.

Anya felt that a trickle of cold sweat ran down her back, and, realizing that she was already rushing around the apartment in search of clothes, she frantically scrolled through her head how to get to the right place as quickly as possible. Most of all, she was frightened by the fact that the stranger said that her charming daughters would be ill, but she certainly could not allow that to happen.

Exactly through Anya, at high speed, she drove up to the designated place and braked sharply. Grabbing the bag, she almost ran into the cafe and looked around at the busy tables. Near the window itself sat a girl who kindly waved to her hand, calling to her. Anya swallowed hard and walked over to her.

“Hello, Anya. I am Milana, very nice, ”the girl said seriously, and stretched out her thin paw with perfectly manicured legs. Anya looked at her - bleached hair, unnaturally wide black eyebrows, lips too inflated with hyaluron, breasts of 4 sizes (most likely not their own) and facial expressions that the girl had to have something.

Anya sat down on an empty chair, being in a state of second readiness, and Milana continued. “Anya, I want to tell you right away. I am the lover of your husband, Yura. " Anya raised an eyebrow inquiringly, she even wondered what the result would be. Milana took a sip of coffee, standing in front of her and chastised: “Yura and I have been meeting for half a year already. Immediately I say - we love each other, and we are all very serious. Yura always supports me, helps me in everything, comes to my every call and literally blows away dust particles from me. Last month we traveled with the Philippines with him, and in May to Cyprus. He told you that he has urgent business trips - I know that too. Here, look, our happy photos ", - the girl took out the heaped smart phone and began to show pictures.

“This is us in the restaurant, this is on vacation, this is in the Yurkina car, and this is in your house when you and your daughters were leaving for your mother,” and Milana smiled cheekily. “Well, now to the point. Yura is wonderful, he is simply the best man on earth, I have never met such people. I love him very much, I just can not live without him! If he is not around I will die, I will die, I will not become! So, as you have probably already noticed, I am not a poor girl. I have everything in order with the money, the car is there, the apartments are even 2 and for a comfortable future just enough. Anya, why do you need Yura? You are no longer a young woman, you have lived your own, have known happiness, have tasted love Your children grow up, you have to do it, not a man. I have a businesslike and extremely profitable offer. ”

At this place, Milan stopped and drank coffee in one gulp. “Give me Yura. Let him go. Do not hold. Well, understand, our love is destiny! I'll pay you for it! One hundred thousand dollars will pay! True, I have! For Jyrka, I do not mind anything. I will give you this money, and you can live comfortably and provide your daughters with a life! Just give Yurka to me! ”

Milana's eyes lit up with a feverish sheen, she began to pull out bank cards from her bag, throw out bundles of bills on the table. “How old are you, beauty?”, Asked Anya, smiling. "18!", - blurted out Milan and proudly lifted her chin. “So, 18-year-old, I don’t need your money, cards and foreign bills in FIG. You can keep them for a happy life. And don't worry about Yura, I'll give it to you for free. I do not need such happiness for nothing. ”

Milana remained sitting with her mouth open in amazement, and not believing in her happiness that everything turned out so easily, and Anya almost jumped onto the summer street. The sun was shining brightly, people were sweeping around, it smelled of summer, of flowers and changes. Now Anya knew for sure that Yura and Milan would be happy.