8 features in the behavior of a man who truly respects a woman

Despite the 21st century dominating the court, the freedom of women and the rise of feminism, in our country the problem of too biased attitude towards women remains as relevant. Men consider themselves the center of the universe, do not take into account the rights of women and in every way suppress them.

But if you got a man with the following qualities, hold him tight. He truly respects and appreciates you.

1. Intelligence

Such a man - educated, tactful, gallant and familiar with the rules of etiquette. He always remembers how to behave with a lady, leaving her the opportunity to feel beautiful, desirable and fragile. This male copy is able to look after beautifully, makes itself a gentleman and never sink to vulgarity and rudeness.

2. Softness

Knocking the table with your fist so that everyone can do it the way only he wants - very important for Russian men from ancient times. But if your cavalier really respects you, he knows how to show gentleness, tenderness and affection. Male power is not in hardness and rudeness, but in the ability to give your woman the necessary support. This quality is inherent in this man.

3. Sensitivity

A man feels great when you are upset, upset or depressed. He understands when you want to be alone or, on the contrary, need him, and does not impose his society if this is not the moment.

4. Selflessness

He will never be with a woman for the sake of gain - physical, personal or financial. He will not plead, pour false compliments and incline to intimacy only in order to extract something useful for himself from it.

5. Ability to yield

It happens that a man of principle does not make concessions to a woman, because he is the main one. How can you take a step back, skipping someone forward, even if it is a woman you love? In relationships, the key is the ability at the right time to take a secondary position and give in; without this, there can be no talk of harmony.

6. Adoption of female physiology

This man is absolutely normal perceives information about your critical days or health problems. After all, all this is absolutely natural, and the reaction of some men to female physiology as unpleasant things is an extreme degree of stupidity and disrespect.

7. Responsibility for consequences

This man is clearly aware that he assumes responsibility if he enters into an intimate relationship, without protection, if he marries a woman and has children with her. He will never shift the burden of problems onto his other half and will not stick his head in the sand, removing all obligations from himself.

8. Categorical refusal of physical force

A man who appreciates his woman, never, hear, never raise a hand to her and does not use physical strength. And if this suddenly happened, run away from such a “happiness” and boldly cross it out of your life. This is not a real man.