What to wear to reduce weight and increase height: stylists advise

As you know, our favorite outfit can give us confidence, and every woman has one dress that makes her feel sexy. The clothes that visually can slim us work in the same way.

So, we give 10 fashion tips on what to wear to look thinner and fit.

Invest in corrective underwear

There is nothing wrong with that. The slimming underwear really works and is able to remove all unnecessary irregularities from your silhouette. Give preference to seamless underwear, slimming belly, hips, waist. It will make your favorite dresses, skirts and tight trousers sit on you even better.

Customize clothes to your individual options.

First of all, avoid items with undesirable volume: capri trousers, shapeless skirts, and other baggy clothes. Instead, choose straight, dark jeans that stretch a little and end at the ankles or just below. This will visually lengthen your body and give it slimness, especially when paired with heels.

As for skirts, choose knee-length pencil skirts - they create the most winning silhouette. Shirts and sweaters also should not be great for you.

In the case of jackets, make sure they fit perfectly on you, that the line of the shoulders is perfect, and the sleeves are wrist-length.

So, to look slimmer, it is important that every item in your closet is perfectly seated on you. For this purpose, it is quite appropriate to make a tailor your best friend.

Choose the right shoes

There is nothing more effective than elegant heels in slimness of the legs and the whole body. Body-colored heels and those that slightly cover the toes, and not the whole foot, are especially slim and lengthened. These shoes ideally complement the image with a skirt, shorts, dress, and cropped trousers.

But remember, if you are uncomfortable to walk in high heels, it is better to find yourself from them and try on shoes with a more comfortable lift.

Wear black

The combination of clothes in the same color, especially black, is the oldest and most proven way to look slimmer. While black from head to toe is the most effective and win-win option for any occasion, other dark shades can also work well for you.

Do not neglect maxi skirts

The myth that women with curvy shapes cannot wear skirts and dresses to the floor is widespread. In fact, a maxi skirt with a suitable silhouette for your figure can allow you to look slimmer and taller. Choose tightly woven skirts that create a long vertical line. Combine with shoes with heels.

Say "yes" to high-waisted jeans.

These jeans visually lengthen your legs and cover your tummy. Be sure to blacken the inflated fit of jeans, tucked under a blouse or wearing a crochet top.

Wear vertical stripes

As you know, clothing with a print in the form of vertical stripes visually slims and makes you taller. Horizontal stripes in clothes, on the contrary, can make you look fuller.

Wear a thin belt at the waist

To look slimmer, tighten dresses and tunics with a thin belt - it will help you highlight your waist.

Play with color and shadow

If you don’t want to wear all black, just try to hide only your problem areas with them, and emphasize your merits with bright colors. For example, if you are not delighted with your legs, but love the upper part of your body, wear tight-fitting black pants or skirt and complement the image with a bright blouse. And vice versa: to hide your hands or tummy and emphasize your legs, put on a dark-fitting blouse combined with light-colored trousers or a bold skirt.

Wear the right size bra

Did you know that over 80% of women wear bras of the wrong size? An incorrect bra can make you look fuller due to wrinkling or sagging breasts. The solution is to go to the nearest lingerie store so that a professional measures you and chooses the perfect size of bras, or learn how to measure your own bra size yourself.