8 men share what they really think about older women

Probably, few of us have come across a situation where a partner refused us, because we are too young or too old. This is the mystery of love. Does the age of a woman matter to a man? Is age really not a hindrance of love? Is it true that age is just a figure?

The answer to all these questions is yes. As for men, love for them really has no boundaries and age is just a figure. Of course, with some exceptions. So, this is what men think about older women.

Age will never prevail over well spent time

“I met this girl at the bar when I was finishing school. The next morning, she told me that she had to go to the university. Remembering this story now, then I changed my opinion if I knew how old she was? Not. Absolutely not. It was good for us and her age didn’t affect it at all. ”

Older women can be very sexy.

“I am married to a woman who, both literally and figuratively, is much wiser than me. I would not take back my words and also ask her to marry me, despite the fact that she was 40 and I was 35. Men have a bad reputation, that they develop with a delay, especially emotional development, because girls tend to be more mature for their age. But a woman who wants to maintain a lightness in a relationship, despite her age, is very sexy. ”

Rude to ask about her age

“I have one rule - never ask about her age, only if she does not look like a teenager. In this case, trust your instincts. In general, it seems to me that girls do not like it when a man asks her about age, as if it matters ... no, it does not. ”

Men tend to choose older women

“Does age difference matter to men?” For me it does not have, but I would not bring a very young girl home. I need such baggage. ”

The age difference is similar to buying clothes

“Imagine you need an expensive flannel. The price for this fabric is clearly too high, but you want it so, probably, it is much better than other brands, since few can afford it. And you want even more. Now imagine that this fabric is on sale. And you want to get it even stronger, because it is so profitable. Anyway, you want her because she looks good and you know you will look good in her. ”

The greater the age difference, the better the emotional understanding.

“I met a girl who was 11 years younger than me, and it was the best relationship. We understood each other very well. There is no other way to explain. Our problem was physical difference. I think we had different needs. But emotionally and spiritually, probably, no one complemented me as well as that girl. And I would never let her go, just because of the ten-year difference in age. In fact, a big age difference only united us. ”

Friends affect relationships more than you think.

“I met with girls who were both older and younger than me, but not more than 5 years. We got along very well, but my friends did not approve of young girls, because they always demanded attention. I always felt shyness and a sense of responsibility with older girls, I always tried to be polite. I know that friends should not be related to this, but I have always wondered how they can influence what is happening in my personal life. ”

Age is just a figure

“It is embarrassing for me to remember this now, but I broke off the engagement with my bride because she was too young for me. I thought that everything could happen, but it turned out that we wanted different things in this life. I was ready to start a family, and she wanted to hang out with her friends. Probably, it was the only time when age affected my relationship. ”