5 differences between bags that look expensive and look cheap

Bag - an important addition to the image of a woman. This accessory can give its owner a glamorous or elegant look, and vice versa, nullify all efforts. How to choose a woman's handbag that suits your image in order not to spoil the impression? To do this, it is enough to carefully examine the main differences between expensive and cheap haberdashery.

Of course, the bag and shoes attract more attention than other accessories. Making expensive bags is a highly technological process, requiring special equipment and raw materials. And budget bags are products where compromise is often present. It can be cheap accessories, materials and so on. However, to create a stylish and effective image, it is not necessary to spend big money on a designer handbag from a global brand. Knowing what to look for when choosing, you can always find an affordable and presentable option.


On expensive bags, patterns are applied neatly, have clear borders and joints. On the cheap - prints break off and have an unfinished look. But there are budget models that are difficult to distinguish from expensive counterparts. This is especially true of replicas. To understand whether a thing is genuine, you need to know how many patterns there is per square centimeter of the surface of a branded accessory, and this is often a commercial secret. Choosing a bag, carefully study the printed print, its borders and the completeness of the pattern.

Contrast or sloppy line

Expensive means fine work and perfect seams. Products of a high price category differ in equal, direct lines. But on an inexpensive bag you can find a lot of flaws, such as protruding threads, contrasting or sloppy lines. Often, manufacturers in order to hide such a flaw, complement the product of various kinds of decorative details. On expensive bags and accessories there are no unlocked threads and stitches at the end of the seam. Dear bags do not have contrasting lines. Their production uses high-quality threads to match the base material.

Too long zippers

Often, on cheap bags you can see inaccurately sewn zippers. This is explained by the fact that without flaws it is quite difficult to sew a zipper on all four sides, which complicates the production process and increases the price of the goods. Expensive models have a locking valve or a lock with a locking mechanism. They zipper on the entire length of the bag is extremely rare.

Excessively shiny hardware

Cheap bags are not rarely supplemented with overly shiny chains and zippers. While expensive branded bags are decorated with elegant, little noticeable accessories. On budget models, non-quality fittings are used, which quickly lose their color and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Such parts are not reliable and with intensive use of the accessory quickly fails.

Large logos

Brand items are usually decorated with little noticeable elegant logos, and the lining fabric has a pattern in the form of a company badge. The conspicuous large logos can only be seen on cheap accessories of unknown production. They give out a fake, look ridiculous and tasteless. Therefore, when choosing bags of low price category, try to choose models without logos, but if this is not avoided - give preference to products with small signs. The less coarse the accessory is, the more expensive it will look.