6 unpleasant, but true facts about women who have been lonely for a long time

To be an unmarried woman means to be independent, free, strong and independent. But there are times when each of us craves for fellowship and the love of a person to rely on. And every woman at some point needs care and support. So, here are 6 bitter truths about how to be lonely.

You can not answer the question why you are not married

This uncomfortable question comes to you from everywhere: from family members to completely strangers to you. They constantly ask: “Why are you, having a good job, an attractive appearance and being a worthy person, still lonely? What's wrong with you? ”Then you start to embarrass yourself to justify your loner status. An innocent question turns into a real questioning for you.

But for many single people, the unfortunate truth is that most of them are alone without a reason. Therefore, when you are constantly asked this question, you will become more and more confused in the answer and find yourself in an awkward situation.

You don't get on with dates.

It would seem that today there are many online dating applications that have made it possible to choose a couple from among the many applicants. However, it is very difficult to find among them one who actually has serious intentions and does not want a fleeting flirtation. You yourself, moreover, are not in a hurry to reveal your feelings on a date or appear to someone desperately looking for a husband. As a result, your meetings with men one by one fail, and over time you become more demanding of a potential partner and dates. It all ends by refusing to spend time on dates and choosing to be alone.

You get used to being lonely

When you are alone for a considerable period of time, you get used to doing everything yourself. You do everything yourself and even leisure most often spend alone with yourself. You like to spend lazy Sundays in your pajamas watching your favorite movie, it’s convenient for you to have dinner alone and go shopping alone. Even if you meet someone you like, you may not immediately accept these feelings. The truth is that you are used to being lonely and living on your own terms, and from now on you will find it difficult to share your life with someone else.

You feel unnecessary compared to other couples.

You are sincerely happy for your friends who have the second half. However, the more often they meet alone without inviting you, the more you feel how alone you are. But even if you are invited to a party, the truth is that you feel uncomfortable among the many couples in love.

You go head to head

To escape from loneliness, you get away with work. You dedicate yourself to your career. So you convince yourself that your life is busy, that your schedule is full. By allowing your work to turn into your personal life, you create the illusion of your independence and move away from confronting the unflattering truth that you are alone. An awkward question begins to torment you: "Will this be your whole life?"

Lack of love is difficult

There are times when you realize that loneliness is hard work. And it's not even that you have to carry grocery bags alone. When you are sick, you must take care of yourself. When you have experienced a difficult day, sometimes there is no one with whom you can share it. Of course, you can call your family or friends, but this is completely different. And now, you realize how badly your second half is missing.