These fashionable rules stopped working 10 years ago - forget them

There are a lot of prejudices in fashion - much more than anywhere else. Many tricks that seem good in the mirror are considered a move. This also applies to trends, for example, many combinations that dictate trends do not always look appropriate on the street.

Moreover, unlike trends, fashionable prejudices live long. Even something that has long ceased to seem tasteless, can cause a grin on the street. But does it make any difference when you look the way you like it? We have collected 5 main fashion rules that are outdated for a long time, and which are not only possible, but also necessary to be broken.

Bag and accessories must be in the same color

And many women still puzzled over this issue. Yes, they can be in the same range, it is not prohibited. But if the colors do not match, but in harmony, it looks much more interesting, more stylish. In addition, it is such a stylistic decision that will recommend you as a woman with excellent taste, because this indicates the presence of imagination and the ability to combine.

Bra and top should be the same color

Under a white shirt - a white bra, under a black top - black. Yes, it is logical, but also boring. Today, a contrasting bra is no longer a mauve, and even vice versa - when the lace underwear looks out from under the clothes a little, it looks very juicy and interesting.

Different denim colors cannot be combined in one look.

Previously, it was - it looked tasteless. Although the bravest women of fashion even then hurried to stand out from the crowd and broke the rule. Today, the combination of jeans of different colors is one of the most stylish combinations that models and fashion bloggers actively exploit.

Gold and silver don't fit well together.

If you put on silver earrings, it does not mean that your favorite gold ring will now have to be left at home. Today we pay attention primarily to how the jewelry harmonizes with each other - if the combination is successful, no rules should become a hindrance.

All clothes in the image should be in the same style.

Today, when the entire image of the image is often in contrast, striving for the perfect coincidence of styles is simply unthinkable. It is how you combine the incompatible, and is your style and sense of taste. Experiment, try what you have not tried before, and your self-confidence will increase significantly.