18 most popular female names in Russia (and what they mean)


Previously, some peoples gave permanent names to people not at birth, but after, when they manifest themselves. A given birth name itself can affect your destiny. Many experts spend a lot of time studying names and how they affect a person. We collected aggregated data on the nature of women bearing names that are popular in our country. Do you agree with this?


A woman with a male name has a real male character. This is a strong woman who loves men's hobbies, always has her own opinion and stands to the end.


One of the most feminine names, which greatly influences its bearer. Beautiful, gentle, she has a real feminine intuition, which allows you to leave even the most difficult situations without loss.


Very soft and understanding, she always comforts her loved ones. A real altruist, she will never leave in trouble not only people who are close, but also people she does not know.


Bright and unpredictable, in fact, Lera is very emotional and sensitive. But if you need to stand up for yourself, or, especially, for loved ones, she would never give up.


A little reserved, she doesn’t consider herself necessary and shares her thoughts and secret secrets. She feels well in a happy marriage, and therefore always looking for a man who can fully trust.


Her character campaign on the character of Alexandra - firm, resolute. She has an incredible imagination and temperamental character, and often comes to success.


Very modest in appearance, in fact, Katya has a very high self-esteem. She is very hardworking, and on her way she is ready to knock down any obstacles. She is a real career woman, and very often reaches real heights in her career.


A bit categorical and very emotional, she always finds an approach to others. She achieves tremendous success in dealing with people.


Selfish and impulsive, she strives to become a leader in any team, but varies greatly among her close ones - for them she softens her hard character. Sometimes she is capable of truly eccentric acts.


Very emotional, Irina is a bit inconsistent, which sometimes suffers from schA. But then she has a great sense of humor, which allows her to come out of any situations with honor.


Very loving, she values ​​family and relationships, and puts them first in her life. She is amazingly able to build contacts and make acquaintances even with the most closed people.


Very gentle and benevolent towards others, she nevertheless has pride and strength, never gives up and is even distinguished by uncompromising.


Stubborn and temperamental, Hope is a real choleric, and flares up very quickly, but also cools quickly. She may succumb to someone else's opinion, but, disappointed, she will forever change her attitude towards this person.


She is a real dreamer who constantly comes up with something. Very active and sociable, she easily makes acquaintances and charms others - it is very difficult to resist!


Friendly, but closed, Oksana does not tolerate any conflicts. Differs incredible stubbornness, and in his opinion always stands up to the last. It is better not to even try to convince her of something.


Very clever, reasonable and courageous, she is not afraid to go even on the most desperate adventures, if she sees the need for it. She does not aspire to leadership, and it even pays for her - Olga prefers to be in secondary roles.


She herself makes her own destiny, and knows how to learn from the mistakes of her own and others. She does not tolerate rivalry, and the opinion of other people is completely alien to her.


Very interesting, friendly and enthusiastic woman, she loves everything beautiful, appreciates creativity and loves to like men very much.