The magic of dirt: how a mess in the house destroys your life


Chaos and disorder cost us dearly, because they not only create aesthetic discomfort for us, but also have a detrimental effect on mental health.

Disorder does not relax both physically and morally. Uncleaned space as it says to the brain "the work will never end." And, worse, this causes depression, frustration and a feeling of depression. But if you look at the mess soberly and compare the negative sides of the littered house and the positive sides of the organized space, it becomes clear that even small cleaning steps can influence the solution of the problem.

The main losses we incur from the mess in our own home are:


Physically, the disorder is constantly acting on the brain. Surely you know that feeling of reluctance when there is any too big task to fulfill. Junk constantly distracts us and causes fear, because we do not know what exactly needs to be done to find something, and, in the literal sense, to get to the bottom of the heap.

Emotional shock

You can arrange a holiday or just invite friends without feverishly tidying up? Would you flinch if someone opened the box to see what was there? If there is a need to hide or hide something in the house, then it leads to emotional shock, guilt and shame.

Discord in a relationship

Think of a dinner table littered with papers or toys. Often you have to see couples on the verge of divorce just because their environment caused a state of tension, hostility and resentment.

Performance degradation

Calculate the time spent searching for credit cards, umbrellas or car keys. And how much time is spent on the replacement of missing items. In addition to wasting time and money, the search for things makes you constantly late. Therefore, devoting one time to organizing order around you will take great care of yourself.

The benefits you can get:


Instead of a convulsive search for things, spend time working on achieving goals, on vacation with friends. And you can just curl up in a chair with your favorite book. Being collected is the fastest known way to save time, energy and money.

Control and clarity

Imagine that everything in your house has its place and is intended for its own purposes. The order allows you to quickly find what you need, and, without stopping, to move all day.


A well-organized home gives you freedom. For example, it is easy to spend a holiday or start a new project.


Organization causes calm. The reason why we leave our house to spend a vacation at the hotel is because the comfortable atmosphere visually makes us understand: it's time to relax. Why not cause the same feeling in your home?


When you are uncollected, you easily lose things. Have you noticed that you bring home pasta, and that there are already four boxes on the shelf? When all things are organized, then you know exactly what you need at the moment. This will reduce waste and work on the trash.

A few words on how you can influence the situation right now:

Start small

Many try to restore order all at once, and when it does not work, they give up and they give up. Start small. From the cabinet, with a separate shelf. Then stop and admire the result. And only then think what to do next. If you are shocked, remind yourself that gradually all small achievements will accumulate and eventually lead to change.

Be on guard

When you realize that every item you bring into your home needs to be streamlined, cleaned, and maintained, you will think twice whether to bring so much. Try to soberly and thoughtfully evaluate what you bring. Alternatively, create a donation basket to put everything that you no longer need.

Pick up every thing your place

Take all the things you usually lose and don’t find. Define each of them its own separate place. For example, you can have a special key plate at the entrance. Or a basket in the office for letters and documents.

Plan ahead

Take care of the new day in advance, plan it. Check with your diary. So you can pre-select the right clothes, prepare food, make an appointment, put everything you need for the day in a bag (notebook, workout uniform, bottle of water, etc.)

The truth is that one does not need to be an “organized person” for order and discipline to appear. In a world where no one is watching, organization gives you the opportunity to bring order and peace: at home and in your life. All you need to do is just start.