10 offensive things for a woman that a man cannot be allowed even once


When we are in love with a man, we often prefer to ignore the signs in his behavior, warning about the danger. We do not even want for a minute to think that a loved one can constantly and deliberately do something that hurts a lot.

It is very important for herself to notice such red flags in time in his behavior and attitude in order to make the right decision. These are the "symptoms" that should alert you.

He publicly shames you

It is unacceptable - to humiliate someone in private, but even worse to do it publicly, especially if this comes from your partner. It's one thing to tactfully point out your mistakes or omissions, but to insult you for them is completely wrong and disrespectful. The larger the audience, the stronger the damage caused by such behavior. As a result, low self-esteem, distancing in society, depression and much more.

He is always displeased with you

Nothing that is done for such people becomes inadequate. Even if it is not connected with them at all. They will find flaws in everything. And where they will not find, they will invent them. This unhealthy habit of your partner makes you question everything you do, even if you do it right. Even if you try to do everything differently, they will still find flaws in your actions. It is impossible to please such a man, and in pursuit of their approval, a woman often loses her self-esteem.

He insults you by masking it as a joke.

Although it is important to be able to laugh at yourself and perceive the joke as it is, it is necessary to understand that everything has its limits. It is wrong to let your chosen one humiliate you by disguising it as a joke. Without realizing it, with his cruel jokes, he negatively affects your personality.

He relentlessly controls you in everything

A man obsessed with control will try to control everything and will stop at nothing. Even if something does not apply to him, he still tries to control it. Control gives him a certain sense of domination, which he will impose on you, thereby trying to even control what you are doing. To put up with such a person can be very difficult. It deprives you of the freedom to do something in your own way, hindering your personal growth.

He is indifferent to you

A partner who cannot recognize your feelings cannot provide emotional saturation. His lack of interest makes you believe that your feelings do not really matter, and perhaps he is right to ignore them. However, this indifference damages not only relationships, but also you, because it makes you feel unnecessary.

He takes revenge or punishes you.

In a relationship, there should also be no revenge. This is simply no place. The fact that one of the partners is doing something wrong does not mean that he should be punished. If your partner has decided to punish you, moving away from you or taking any action to make you feel guilty, then this is unfair to you. Imposing a feeling of guilt on someone makes one question his own moral convictions, although mistakes in relationships are inevitable.

He does not respect the confidentiality of your relationship.

What happens between two people should remain between them, and not be made public. This is what is meant a priori and is not even discussed. When your partner is unable to keep things secret, especially without your consent, this creates a feeling of ill will between you. In addition, you feel exposed, embarrassed, and the fact that no one recognizes your opinion only reduces your self-confidence.

He blames you without reason.

In everything that goes wrong, there will always be your fault. This may be related to relationships, work or any other matter, even if you do not play any role in this - you will always be guilty. It becomes very hard to constantly justify yourself.

He seeks to be always right.

If your partner never admits any of his mistakes and always misleads you, you should seriously consider. He should always be right, while you are always wrong, even when it’s not. This creates a feeling of neglect.

He threatens you

A man always threatens you, forcing you to do everything the way he wants. Sometimes his threats are hidden, but it also happens that he begins to threaten openly, forcing you to be submissive.