What is the perfect bra: 5 stylish models for all occasions

A bra is what we put on first thing in the morning and which accompanies us throughout the day. The most important thing is to choose a model in which you will be comfortable. Depending on the mood and reason, we can choose a variety of options. Psychologists say that with the help of underwear it is possible to feel sympathy or even self-love, as well as to raise self-esteem.

Model with removable straps

A great option that will allow to wear clothes with bare shoulders. Perfectly holds a breast and besides beautiful, thanks to black laces. It is important to choose your size correctly: the laundry should not exert unpleasant pressure and rub the skin.
Bra Oysho, 759 rubles. Bra Oysho, 759 rubles.

Basic model

Flesh-colored bra will fit absolutely your entire wardrobe. There are several beige shades. Dark beige is more versatile. The basic model is well supported by the chest and a win-win option for translucent things or thin knitwear.
Bra Oysho, Bra Oysho,

Seductive model

You must admit that every woman is a bit of an actress: now she is thoughtful, now playful, now timid, now cold, now emotions overrun. To adjust yourself to the role of seductive beauty enough to wear luxury lingerie, which will help to transform into a seductive temptress. It is not necessary to wait for the weekend, it is much more interesting to arrange a spontaneous holiday for yourself at the height of the week.
Bra Free People, Bra Free People,

Lace model

This bra is very romantic, delicate and incredibly comfortable, pleasant to the body. The model is decorated with lace, and the shape emphasizes the natural beauty of the breast. Suitable for loose sweaters, relaxed cardigans, flowing fabric shirts, which always have their shoulders "accidentally" slipping.
Women'secret bra, Women'secret bra,

Cotton model

Sports bra in the women's wardrobe - this is comfort and style every day. This type of linen has the most simple design, devoid of cups, bones and removable straps, usually restraining movement. Sports models in extremely tight fit to the body and fix the bust. Imperceptible throughout the day. Ideal for both sports and everyday wear.
Women'secret bra, Women'secret bra,