5 unexpected reasons why you should not expect an apology from a man


Your man is guilty, and you are waiting for an apology to make up. But the chosen one is afraid to ask for forgiveness? You might not know this before, but this is just a gender problem. Men barely pronounce this terrible word for them "Forgive."

Apologies have an amazing power to check feelings, heal wounds, reduce stress in a relationship, eliminate resentment. So why, despite such an impressive list of positive moments, men are so reluctant to admit their guilt?

Here are 5 scientific explanations for why your elect does not apologize for "gender considerations":

He thinks he doesn't have to apologize to you.

Studies have shown that not many men reluctantly admit their wrongdoings. They just have “higher requirements” for what situations they should apologize for. In other words, his definition of “bad” or “abusive” behavior is very different from yours.

He does not accept the apology as you

No, not even close. Women tend to apologize for everything. Have you ever caught yourself saying “I'm so sorry” to someone who is going through a difficult situation that has absolutely nothing to do with you? You do it naturally - to maintain a healthy relationship. But then you wonder why your beloved man cannot do the same.

The answer is simple: men think it silly to apologize for everything that is not their fault.

Apologies make him feel weak and incompetent

Experts say that one of the reasons why men do not apologize is that admitting their own mistakes pushes them out of the comfort zone. Men tend to view excuses as humiliation and loss of self-worth. To acknowledge that they have done something wrong means that they feel humiliated in the eyes of those who hear these excuses.

He already has a lot of emotional baggage about apologies

When men grow up, they feel that they are forced to become “courageous” and so often apologize to their brothers and sisters for minor violations, that in a more mature age they decide never to say that they again regret their actions.

Your partner may have had bad experiences in past relationships, when asking for forgiveness repeatedly led to confrontation instead of an accepted apology.

He thinks that actions speak louder than words

After a quarrel, a partner brings you flowers, washing dishes or writing SMS just to say "Hi." These are signs that he makes a silent apology. He is trying to make amends, but he may have problems with the verbal expression of his feelings.

No matter why a man is afraid to ask for forgiveness, the fact remains that you are hurt and you ask yourself: “How can my young man love me if he does not want to admit that he is wrong and say he is sorry?”

Here is what can help your chosen one to apologize to you next time:

Let him know that you hurt

Remember, he may simply not see a situation worthy of an apology, or may not treat it the same way as you. Instead of waiting for him to read your mind, tell him exactly what happened, how unpleasant you are, and that you really would be grateful if he would apologize.

Do not demand an apology

Forcibly dragging out an apology from someone who does not want this will simply lead to even greater disappointment and indignation. If this happens insincerely, then it is not worth it.

Accept his apologies kindly

Do not grumble, do not resist, do not make him stoop. If you try to use this opportunity to teach him a lesson, you may never hear the phrase “I'm sorry.” Your best answer is two simple words: “apologize accepted,” and then hug him. As soon as your man sees how much you appreciate this gesture, he will most likely apologize again and again.