4 questions you should never ask a man

Communication should play an important role in the relationship. Sometimes we tend to forget that the type of communication and the way we solve our problems is just as important. In other words, there are things that you need to keep in mind when talking with your loved one.

So instead of focusing on what you need to talk about, it’s better to pay attention to the fact that women should never say to a man:

1. Does your mother really need to stay with us when she arrives?

Some women have good friendships with the relatives of the husband or his mother. But those who do not have such a relationship, you should never offend your mother! Never! In the eyes of your man, she is like gold. One of the surest ways to destroy any relationship is to speak ill of someone's mother, especially if it is your beloved mother's mother.

When choosing a future spouse, most men unconsciously look for a woman with characteristics similar to his mother. Thus, the suppression of the authority of the mother can be a sensitive issue, especially if your man has a good relationship with her. Perhaps you do not want her to be always there, but better grit your teeth and smile. Most likely, she does the same for her son.

2. Are you sure you need a second serving of food?

Believe it or not, men can be just as concerned about their weight and attractiveness as women are. They may not attach much importance to this, as women do, but believe me, they notice that they are gaining weight.

They do not need you to point out the presence of the sides or beer belly, just as we do not need them to point out all our shortcomings. If you do not like that man gained weight, offer him a set of calorie-burning exercises that you can do together.

3. What about your hair?

Again, men are sensitive to their appearance, including hair. Therefore, if he has a bad haircut, or even more recently, it has become noticeable that he is balding, do not pay his attention to this. Try to offer him what he can do to compensate for these changes.

Changes such as changing shaving or wearing styles can help create a new image, letting your partner know that you are still attracted to his other features.

4. Will you ever put a ring on my finger?

Most likely, you already know the answer to this question. A person who plans to make you an offer will make hints in everyday conversation, for example, discussing plans for living together, planning to buy a joint house, planning to meet with his family and friends, planning a joint vacation, etc.

If none of this happened throughout your relationship (it usually happens in a relationship lasting longer than a few months), then he probably does not feel that your relationship has a real future. Not to mention that the last thing you want is a proposal made to you under pressure from your perseverance.

If he never speaks of a future in which you are, or never shows any signs that he is preparing for big changes, for example, he hints that he does not spend so much so that he can save money for your future. then you know what to do.