No pain and a scalpel: 3 ways to keep breasts taut and elastic even after 40 years

Home care

Of course, at an early age there is absolutely no reason to resort to the help of surgeons or cosmetologists, but now you can and even need to start using home care creams. The skin in this area is very delicate and thin, so that additional hydration does not hurt her exactly. There are special cosmetics aimed to care for the breast area. For frequent, they are called pull-ups.

You should not expect great miracles from them, but they can keep the skin in good shape and also prevent the loss of elasticity. Tightening lifting cream has a rich delicate texture and a pleasant aroma. This cream does not create a greasy film on the surface of the skin, absorbs quickly and does not roll. A good remedy should contain components that tighten and tighten the skin of the breast, as well as enhance cellular activity and greatly strengthen the skin.

As an example of active ingredients, extracts of royal orchid and caviar can be given. In addition, polysaccharides and peptides that smooth the skin and help it produce collagen and elastane are part of creams for breast tightening - these are the substances that are responsible for the density and elasticity of our skin.

Wheat proteins, essential oils, seaweed and soybean extracts, vitamins E and C are no less effective - they strengthen, nourish, smooth the skin, eliminate pigmentation, and also contribute to the regeneration of breast tissue. Chamomile and mint have anti-inflammatory effects. Such care is especially important during pregnancy, when the skin on the chest is stretched.

Non-surgical techniques

But in addition to cosmetics, skin care in this area can also be achieved by injecting techniques in the chair of a cosmetologist. To improve skin elasticity, a mesotherapy procedure can be done. For injection, preparations based on the following components are used:

• hyaluronic acid (helps moisturize the skin and give it elasticity);
• collagen and elastin (contribute to the formation of strong connective tissue, which serves as a natural framework, help fight ptosis and prevent its formation);
• organic silicon (helps eliminate stretch marks as well as scars);
• plant extracts (responsible for nourishing and moisturizing the skin, increasing its protective functions, giving it a younger and healthier appearance).

At the beginning of the procedure, the breast glands are treated with an antiseptic, then with an anesthetic composition. Injections are made to a depth of 2 to 4 millimeters with a thin needle. Of the side effects, swelling, bruising, papules, localized redness, itching and slight soreness are possible. But all this will pass a day after the procedure.


You can even tighten your chest with self-massage. There are several types.

Aqua massage. It is carried out within 10 minutes under a stream of water, comfortable temperature. Circular movements massage the area from the chest to the armpits up and down, while increasing the flow of water. After the procedure, it is recommended to rub the skin and apply a corrective cream. You can also perform massage scattered jet for 20 minutes. Only at the end do not rub, in any case, soak the water drops with a towel and apply a nourishing cream. This massage will tighten the chest.

Vacuum massage. Apply an oil or cream to the skin of the breast and massage with the aid of the massager from the areola to the axillary. The procedure is carried out lying down and not more than 15 minutes.

Massage according to the methods of ancient China. Attach the middle of the palms to the center of the nipples and in a circular motion, from the shoulder to the center, perform rotations (9 times). After that, you need to inhale, and as you exhale, press your chest to yourself (do the exercise 9 times). Do one by one.