8 phrases that the smart lover will never say

Many women often ask themselves: why are men so loyal and confident in their mistresses? Yes, because being a married mistress is a whole art. Most importantly, do not talk too much and be able to stop in time to be for him the best and most understanding.

1. "Tell me about your wife?"

This question is the most dangerous of all, so you should forget about it and leave it at the very back of your mind. Never ask a man about his wife if he is not the first to express a desire to talk about this topic. Many men, in general, consider the topic of their family taboo and put taboos on it. Therefore, do not agitate his life, otherwise you simply may not have a place in it.

2. "You will not leave me?"

Another interpretation of this phrase: will you always be with me? Being a married mistress, you should strictly understand that your role will always be secondary, and the first, whatever one may say, will be a wife and family. Therefore, it is not necessary to indulge yourself with hopes, because men rarely leave the familiar hatched nest to their mistress.

3. "I am better than your wife"

Even if this is actually the case, leave your opinion with you and do not touch the topic of your wife at all. Whatever one may say, it is a priori the best for a man, so don’t blow the fire or compare yourself with his chosen one.

4. "I can not live without you"

A direct message to the fact that you are hinting that you have a love dependence on a man. For him, this is extremely bad, because there is nothing worse than a lover, with whom it is impossible to break overnight and tear off all the binding threads, because she clutched at her chosen one with a death grip.

5. "I need more money"

Usually men financially help their mistresses and partly sponsor them. But, often, mercantile ladies are getting little, and they begin to demand more and more investments in themselves. All this may result in the fact that the man just part with the annoying sticky, because he was looking for a man for the soul and a pleasant pastime, and not a courtesan, who has to pay for pleasure.

6. “Stay with me at night”

A clever mistress understands perfectly well that if a man is going home, then someone important is waiting for him there. And insist and ask him to stay longer - stupid and pointless. The most important quality that should be in a mistress is the understanding and full acceptance of the situation.

7. “Let's not protect ourselves”

No matter how good you are, how much you trust each other, and no matter what experiments you do in bed, you should always remember about protection. And if a mistress hopes to bind a man in this way - this is the silliest way, and in 99% of cases she will remain abandoned.

8. “Introduce me to your friends.”

As a rule, in the families of the husband and wife are mutual friends. Well, or at least they are well aware of the existence of each other and are well acquainted. Therefore, asking a man to introduce his mistress to his friends means a thousand times more likely that the truth about the romance will soon reach his wife.