"This is what makes you look fat": 7 fashionable things that you don’t wear in vain

Who said curvy girls can't wear print clothes or skinny jeans? We have debunked fashionable myths and replaced them with effective advice on how to wear plus size women.

Skinny jeans fit only skinny women

Not at all. Women with magnificent forms also look great in them! The secret is to balance the proportions: like any tight pants, skinny jeans are best combined with a loose top or a long tunic or cardigan. To look more slender in this case, give preference to clothes of darker colors.

Baggy clothes are your best bet

In fact, you should avoid too shapeless things, because they visually add you extra pounds. Try to gird the dresses and blouses with a free cut with a strap and wear a-skirts to the knees.

Bright colored things are not for you

Of course, dark clothes are slim, but bright clothes can brighten the image and make your image much more noticeable and brighter. It is all about the combination of colors: you can always wear something in bright, bright colors in those places where you do not see problems, and darker tones on those parts of the body that you want to disguise.

Plus size women should wear only closed clothes.

Why deprive oneself of the possibility of opening some parts of the body - it is so sexy and can even slim. Expose your wrists, collarbones or ankles - this is a tricky trick that draws attention to the thinnest parts of your body. Do not underestimate the neckline: a simple V-neck will lengthen the neck and emphasize your bust.

Large shoes look ugly

Today there are a large number of fashionable and stylish shoes of large sizes, which are not inferior in beauty to the popular shoes of standard sizes. So be bold and walk through life beautifully and brightly.

Horizontal Striped Print

The fact is that we need to find the optimal width of the strip. Stripes of medium thickness are usually best suited. And, of course, the most reliable way to wear a strip is to wear a cardigan or jacket on top.

Big accessories make you look bigger

In fact, it often happens the other way around. Instead of small accessories, choose bright and bold large accessories, as they will be better combined with the proportions of your body. So choose necklaces, earrings, bracelets or bags as big as you want.