If a woman utters one of these 5 phrases, then she is definitely not from Moscow

It’s not that Muscovites are so obsessed with creating a good reputation. Rather, this is concerned with visiting girls who want to pass for their own in the capital. For Muscovites, there are things that are considered a priori unacceptable. For example, none of these phrases will be said by a capital dweller:

“I seek only a rich man for myself”

What for? Even if a Muscovite doesn’t have his own apartment in the center and a car, she wants to be happy in a relationship, and is looking not only for a rich man, but for a decent man with whom it makes sense to connect life. And living with an unpleasant, but wealthy man is below her dignity. A man is no way for her to move to the capital, because this girl is already there.

“Why buy a real brand if you can buy a fake”

What are fakes? A real Muscovite will never allow it. Better she buys a good "nouneym" - among such things you can come across real treasures that a true fashionista will never miss. But "fakie" is a fashionable failure, which you will long remember.

"I do not care about someone else's opinion"

In a sense, this is true, stupid to bother about what others think of you. But it’s impossible not to take into account someone else’s opinion either. No intelligent and educated woman does not allow this. Muscovite used to be friendly and sweet to others. She knows that with a smile she can achieve much more.

"Let them pay a little, but reliable work"

In the capital, first of all, there appeared a tendency to work on such work, which is not so much reliable as interesting and promising. Every Muscovite strives to do what he likes, and earn money on it, and hold on to boring, uninteresting work, even if she brings a good income, she will not.

“What is a radial branch?”

Of course, the main test for belonging to the capital is the metro. Moscow girls from childhood actively use the subway and can intuitively calculate their way to every corner of Moscow. That is why if someone begins to clarify with you what is the difference between the ring branch and the radial branch, feel free to conclude: this girl arrived in Moscow quite recently.