If you remember these 5 simple things, you can conquer any man.

Female seductress does not possess magic, inaccessible to others. Their secret is that they are well versed in human emotions and reactions, and are able to control them for their own benefit. Great news: you can learn it too if you can't. We suggest starting with these 5 nuances, which will help you find an approach to your new acquaintance, and arrange it for yourself.

Choose the right setting.

It makes a huge difference. Try not to contact the man you like in an environment that may be uncomfortable and unpleasant to him. This will inevitably give him associations of a negative nature that will be associated with you. But there are exceptions - if everything is bad for him, but you helped him and raised his spirits, he will not forget you either.

Do not forget about tactile contact

If you want to build a relationship with him, rather than a joint business, be sure to often touch him inadvertently. Even if he forgets what you said, touches will be stored in his memory. If only because he will reflect on what they meant.

Ask interesting questions

Enchanting him with a conversation at the first meeting is best if you ask non-standard questions. Talking about the weather is boring, and work questions can trigger an unwanted logical chain. What good, he decides that you are interested in his financial situation. It is better to ask him what he would do in a shipwreck on an uninhabited island - this is already a reason for conversation.

Flatter him

Not only women are waiting for compliments at the meeting. You for some reason came on a date to him, which means that his positive qualities can be noted. He will remember the pleasant feeling that he had next to you, and the meeting will not be the last.

Remove the phone

Communicating with someone else via instant messengers during a meeting is not only bad form. This will alienate him from you - unconsciously, he will decide that you are not completely interested in him, and, possibly, lose confidence in himself. And if he is uncomfortable next to you, then the date can easily be the last.