8 unusual things that are not ashamed to do only couples with experience

No wonder people say that over time, the husband and wife become similar to each other - character, worldview, and even features of appearance. Here are 8 strange habits of couples who went hand in hand fire, water and copper pipes.

1. They finish each other phrases and literally guess what the partner thinks. This is truly the art of telekinesis, acquired for many years of living together.

2. By just one look or movement, they understand the mood in which their loved one is. Sometimes a light sigh or a casual gesture is enough - and everything is already clear about the internal state of the other.

3. They have joint rituals concerning housekeeping or house cleaning. For example, they change bedding exclusively together or they do general cleaning strictly on Saturdays in the afternoon.

4. They absolutely do not worry about their appearance, being at home, because they saw each other in such different states and incarnations that it is extremely meaningless to be shy and worry about something.

5. They can talk to each other, being in different rooms and shouting through the whole house. And this is absolutely normal.

6. They do not hesitate to discuss such personal things as acne, dandruff, ingrown nails and critical days.

7. They may not lock the door when they go to the bathroom or toilet. And they react quite calmly when their partner comes for something during such an intimate procedure.

8. They can just lie in bed naked, talk, watch a movie or nap. And while not having sex. Yes, yes, this is possible!