A life

Shameful past, which my husband in no case should know

Vika has been married for 7 years. Grisha is her beloved husband, who, by the way, also loves souls in Vic. Their family is practically a model of harmony, understanding and happiness. Spouses are engaged in the upbringing of a 3-year-old Miron, Grisha earns good money, Vika is bathed in the joy of motherhood and lives, especially without denying herself anything. Spouses live in an apartment that Vika inherited from her parents. A girl from childhood did not change her place of residence, knowing literally every nook and cranny, yard and almost all the inhabitants of this area.

As recently as last week, standing at the open window and waiting for her beloved husband to return from work (spouses live on the 1st floor), Vika became an unwitting witness to the conversation, from which her knees buckled and her heart pounded like a jackhammer. From nowhere in the yard there appeared a well-behaved neighbor Mishka from the 3rd floor, Vikin is the same age with whom she studied at school and knew him practically all her life. He, swaying on unsteady legs, moved towards Grisha, who was already almost approaching the entrance.

With a stinging tongue, he began to ask him for a cigarette, to which Grisha replied that he did not smoke. Neighboring this clearly angered, and, approaching Grisha, he spoke evilly: “Do you want me to tell you something about your wife?” What you do not know and have no idea about it. Yes, in general, do you have any idea who you live with? Well she is not the one for whom impersonating herself! Come on, I will reveal to you the secrets of my wife! Do you want?

Vika was standing near the window itself, so that it was not visible, but she heard everything perfectly. She felt a stream of cold sweat roll down her back. The girl swallowed hard. “Go away, sober up better!” She heard Grishin in an angry voice and the sound of a door slamming in the entrance. The steel grip that held her heart relaxed, and Vika sighed with relief.

Grisha silently laid out purchases on the kitchen table, and Vick, smiling awkwardly, stood beside him. “How was your day?” She asked timidly. “Good,” Grisha answered quietly and looked through his wife with a glassy look. The rest of the evening went on their toes. Vika greedily caught every look and word of her husband. He, as if having closed an invisible wall from her, thought about something, sighed from time to time and went out onto the balcony every 15 minutes.

Going to bed at night, Grisha turned to the wall and pulled back his shoulder when his wife wanted to touch him. Vika bit her lip and cried silently. Perhaps it was the very point of no return, after which life will never be the same.