If a man said one of these 5 phrases, most likely he stopped loving you

The fact that his love for you has subsided, you can guess yourself. Connect intuition, pay attention to passing signs and, of course, listen to what he tells you. Some phrases most clearly signal his indifference to you, or at least about any problems in your relationship.

"I have no time for you"

You yourself took care of everything - invited him to a restaurant, booked a table, came up with a program for the evening, unless you don't pay the bill (at least, we hope so). And he reluctantly accepts your advances, and he constantly has no time for you. Do not be deceived - if he wanted to see, he would definitely take the initiative.

"Do what you like"

If we are not talking about the fifth dress that you try on for the evening (anyone has nerves here), then the lack of desire to make decisions concerning you and your couple should also be considered a serious sign that you are indifferent to him. He just does not want to spend strength and energy, thinking over these issues.

"Well, let's disperse, since I'm not satisfied with something."

In fact, you are not satisfied with it. But for some reason he does not want to say this. Perhaps afraid to offend. Therefore, he provokes you to break to rid yourself of this burden of guilt. Not very manly, but much easier.

"I owe you nothing"

Yes, for example, to answer questions about who he drinks at the bar at 3 o'clock in the morning, when his friends went home long ago. Or why he has been delayed for a week after work, and his boss is calling to your home at the same time. All this suggests that he mentally broke up with you a long time ago, and that you can’t think about it, he doesn’t care at all.

“You disappointed me”

This phrase can have many different variations. And you looked better before, and cook tasteless, and chatter any nonsense. A loving man will not constantly criticize you, and if he does, most likely your very presence has become annoying to him. And it speaks clearly about the cooling of his feelings for you.