7 rules of style that life taught me in France

The legendary phrase “To see Paris and die” refers not only to the magnificent and fascinating landscapes of France, the inhabitants of this country also deserve special attention. They should be studied in Paris and loved to study what she bought and how she wore it.

Here are 7 key style tips I received.

Trends are not the most important thing

French women love fashion, but do not run for short-lived trends. You rarely meet a French woman in something very flashy or too unusual. Most often, their image is designed in a classic style: elegant pants, a blazer, a classic coat, a cashmere sweater or a little black dress. In this case, the fabric of clothing should be expensive and pleasant to the touch.

Neutral shades rule the ball

French women prefer black, white, dark blue and nude colors in their clothes. They are elegant and versatile. The role of bright accents is usually played by accessories.

Perfect fit

The French women are literally obsessed with fitting the clothes perfectly for their figure, and we all should learn from them. No bad-fitting dresses, pants or coat. Parisian beauties are ready to reshape the smallest detail so that it sits exactly as their body requires. Often, tailors expect their clients directly in boutiques and are ready to immediately customize any purchased outfit.

Less - more

Coco Chanel once said: "Before you leave the house, the lady should look in the mirror and take off one accessory." And this applies not only to accessories. Parisian women love to be feminine without being overly sexy or overly dressed. Just a couple of elegant touches - and a solid image is ready.

Details matter

Perfect order in everything and everywhere: not a single fold on a dress, not a single loose thread, neat manicure and hair styled. It's all about the details!

Investment in quality, not quantity

French women may have a small but very high-quality wardrobe. What is important for them is not the quantity or even the price, but the value. They invest competently in those things that do not go out of fashion and will serve them for more than one season.

It is important to be able to present yourself

French women understand that they meet everyone by their clothes. They know how to present themselves and express themselves through clothes. They dress for themselves, strive to feel comfortable in what they wear, and as a result they look fresh and flawless.