The color of your aura according to the sign of the zodiac


The power with which each zodiac sign is endowed manifests itself in various forms of energy due to the seven chakras of your soul. Only professionals can determine and see the color of your aura, but astrology can also give you a clear idea.


Bright red

Of course, the fiery and passionate Aries express themselves in bright red colors. This color means passion, sexuality, aggression, and is also a reflection of strong will and competition - all these are the main character traits inherent in Aries.


Woody green

Sensual nature lovers Taurus is associated exclusively with woody green. This color means healing and is suitable for those who are able to identify the best qualities of others. In addition, it shows determination and earthiness.



Bright and vigorous Gemini definitely goes yellow, considered the happiest of all. It demonstrates optimism, positivity, playfulness and the ability to return to a happy childhood. He also testifies to the inexhaustible vital enthusiasm.



Cancers are always in love, so their aura can only be pink. This color determines the romantic feelings, love, affection, ability to empathize, which the Cancers feel towards their loved ones.

a lion

Red orange

Lions control this world with their inexhaustible energy, which is why they have the most confident color of their surrounding aura. The red-orange aura indicates a healthy self-esteem, self-reliance and a great desire to win.


Deep blue

Outstanding intellectuals of the Virgin definitely reveal themselves at the expense of bright and deep blue. This aura symbolizes a serious, logical and rational approach to life, the desire to communicate openly and honestly with everyone around.


Blue green

Harmonious and beautiful Libra definitely combines a luxurious combination of blue and green shades. This aura is peculiar to one who cares about the others and manifests itself in calmness, objectivity and diplomacy in every situation.



Mysterious and mystical Scorpios definitely evoke an indigo aura. This color is responsible for emotionality, intuition, wisdom, sensuality and the ability to see the truth in all things no matter what.


Bright orange

Sagittarius are never afraid to try something new. That is why the bright orange aura peculiar to them testifies to the development, creative beginning, endurance, and strong self-confidence. In addition, it also means the insatiable desire to live.


Deep red

A determined strategist, Capricorn, undoubtedly corresponds to the deep red color of its aura. This color speaks of his inherent resilience and determines who is capable even in the most difficult times to be strong. Holders of such a red aura are, as a rule, resourceful, ambitious and focused on survival.


Bright green

Aquarius is the most far-sighted zodiac sign. That is why they emit the most healthy color of the aura. A bright green aura determines who makes a change for the better and puts the needs of others above their own.



Incredibly intuitive and magical Pisces definitely fall out themselves through the purple aura. This color symbolizes the extrasensory abilities and rich imagination. Those endowed with this aura love to dream and are separated from reality thanks to their artistic thinking.