These 11 of your mistakes will destroy even the greatest love.


Your next attempt to create a strong relationship with a man ended in failure, but everything went so well? Perhaps you are making mistakes that you should not make in a relationship. Remember these 11 behavioral errors that destroy relationships, and stop making them.

You focus on the negative

Your man does dozens of great things for you, but do you notice only what he has done? Better try to show your appreciation to a man more and less - discontent.

You're tired of the routine

People tend to crave new experiences. Try to diversify your daily life with a partner and bring into life a little spontaneity that can help you ignite a new light in your relationship.

You do not invest in yourself

This may seem illogical, but your interests outside the relationship can help strengthen your relationship with a partner. The fact is that when you develop as a person, when you show that you have your own interests in life outside relationships, you gain great value in the eyes of your partner, and he tries to become part of your world and is afraid of losing.

You are not at all confident

You are worried that you cannot build relationships and begin to doubt everything, including yourself. Moreover, you subconsciously begin to look for ways to prove to yourself that you are a loser, and even when your man sends you a short phrase instead of a message with hearts - you immediately take this as a problem. But there is no problem - he may just be busy. So be confident in yourself.

You are uncomfortable discussing sex with a partner

The intimate life of a couple is very important, but how do you know how to meet the needs of each other, if you don’t talk about each other? At least once, but such a conversation should take place. So overcome the constraint, and go!

You show no interest in what he cares.

Even if your man's hobbies seem trivial to you, it is important to listen with attention and participation when he tells you about them or when he just shares his thoughts with you. This is not only an excellent opportunity to get to know your partner more deeply, but also to show him that he really cares about you.

You take your man for granted

When your man does something for you, you may not even say a simple “thank you” to him. This is because you take all of his actions with something that should be taken for granted. Meanwhile, people feel undervalued when they do not receive a response and encouragement from a loved one. Saying a man “thank you, I really appreciate it” or “I love you” is so easy, and at the same time these simple words can work wonders.

You are not open to change.

The fact is that over time, people become more experienced, they have new interests and they somehow change in one way or another. The person you fell in love with may not be the same after five or 10 years. Like you, it will evolve. So you can either reject the changes and gradually come to a divorce, or accept them and stay with your loved one.

You put other people above your partner

But it would be quite the opposite - to make your partner a priority. It doesn't matter if you meet for a month or for many years, your man is your second half, and he deserves your attention and time. Just like you him.

You involve too many people in your problems.

Your hairdresser, colleague, therapist, cosmetologist or even best friend should not hear about your problems with your partner. The more negative you talk about your soulmate, the more you set yourself and others against your man and the more harm you can do to your relationship.

You run far into the future

Instead of enjoying the relationships that are here and now, you think about what will be in the future. Of course, it’s necessary to talk with your partner about your future together, but it’s not worth living in constant thinking about what needs to be done in a year, two, ten and so on. It does not allow you to live in the present and solve current problems.