3 obvious signs of bad taste - disassemble your apartment

Your apartment can tell you much more eloquently than you would like. Confusion, style mismatch and other blunders can clearly signal your dilettantism in terms of interior. If you do not want this, take a look at your accommodation - and you do not have these three signs of bad taste, which are the most obvious?

Elements of cheap luxury

Many of us want to decorate our space too much. To do this, use everything that just tuck under the arm - cheap wallpaper of dubious quality, all kinds of decorative elements - figurines, napkins, paintings, souvenirs.

Many even use stucco in the interior, regardless of whether it is appropriate there or not. Do not do this - bust, especially poorly chosen, does not look as impressive as you think, and makes a very depressing impression on the guests.

Bust in the interior

Perhaps the main rule of a good interior is minimalism. If bustling with ornaments, layering and the use of active colors are in fashion, it can still look bright and pass for a stylish image, then the interior is definitely not there. Even worse, when the room is not just filled, and littered, and on the floor are numerous packages and boxes. It does not look good in any way.

If you want your apartment to look stylish and neat, remove all unnecessary, ruthlessly throw away random souvenirs and think over the interior details.

Interior in one color

The bedroom is in blue, the living room is in green, the kitchen is gray. It all looks good, if it is not the only colors that are there. If the interior uses only one color, it loses its originality and attractiveness, and turns into a solid stain.

If you do not want this, use contrasting combinations and combining different color options within one style. According to many interior designers, the desire to pick up everything in one color - the most common mistake of the inhabitants.