15 frankly seductive sms, after which a man will think about you for days


Sexting has become a must-have ingredient in love relationships. The question is how to properly use this technique in order not to look vulgar in the eyes of a man, but to completely seize his attention and thoughts.

Below are 3 simple rules for how to use sexting, and 15 examples of such disturbing messages for your chosen one.

Build relationships gradually

Understand that sexting with a partner should not be awkward or strange for both of you. If you have just started dating someone and are in the early stages of communication, when you do not even have sexual relations, you should not use the following example of sexting: "I can not wait to see your face during an orgasm."

This is completely inappropriate, and, most likely, will destroy your relationship. It would be much better to approach the issue of sexting more smoothly - to approach such communication carefully and gradually, making sure that your partner is so comfortable.

You must start with something very neutral: "I can't wait to kiss you." Such a message will be fully acceptable. Then, if you get a positive response, unsubscribe again. If the answer is positive, try the idea of ​​writing erotic sms like: “I just like to feel your lips caress and run over mine ... so cool!”, And then just exit the chat. Also note that at first you should not behave too vulgarly and frankly.

Be unpredictable

Do you know what kills fun and excitement? Predictability. When you know something happens, it instantly loses its appeal. This is especially true with sexting. If the person receiving the text was already waiting for it, then this message loses most of its strength.

Therefore, if you understand that you usually write messages to your partner in the evening or at night (most do it around the evening time), then it's time to make changes. Take a pause for a few days and then send your partner an unexpected message of a sexual nature on Sunday morning. Such unpredictability will help keep the spark in the relationship. Accident in this manner is very well connected with the third sexting advice.

Do not overdo it

Many people make a big mistake when they send someone a sexual message. They find sources with examples of text messages, like the examples of sexting that you will read below. Then they use several other sexting ideas and understand what they are doing right. Then they find something else. In the end, all they do is send sexual messages to their partners and no longer bother to send regular text messages.

This is very similar to the use of spices in cooking. A small amount of spices makes any food tastier. The problem is that some people think that using a whole mountain of spices in a dish will make it taste even better. But you know that it is not. In the end, it will become absolutely disgusting. This is why sexting and spices are very similar. They both work incredibly well in small doses.

Now it's time to give examples of sexting. As mentioned earlier, if you are in the first stage of your relationship and are just starting to use sexting in communication, more neutral examples from the first section are better suited.

Neutral Sexting Examples

  • I can't wait to kiss you!
  • I don't know why, but all I want is to hug you right now.
  • I love to watch your walk
  • I dreamed of you last night ... so hot!
  • It tingles like a shock when you hug me
  • You are my drug. True!
  • I think we will have a lot of fun together.
  • I like to smell you

Erotic frank sexing

  • I would like to spend the whole day with you without clothes
  • I will kiss you from head to toe
  • Why am I stuck at work when I could lie with you in bed? ... so sad!
  • Why don't I make dinner? But I think you will like dessert more.
  • Guess what I'm wearing now?
  • I will have a very hot surprise for you! I have a strange hunch that you will like
  • I need this. Right now

Do not think that you should send them exactly as it is written here. Feel free to adapt, add and change them as your imagination tells you.