12 disguised phrases of the beloved man, which give him a dangerous manipulator


Any woman who has ever been in a relationship with a narcissistic man is well acquainted with how skillfully he masks the true meaning of his words.

Such men enjoy the manipulation of personal relationships. They sincerely believe in their superiority, suppressing their partners.

Here are 12 common phrases that narcissistic men use, and their real meaning.

1. I love you

Translation: I love to own you. I love to control you. I love to use you. It's so good to love, say nice things, attract and abandon you when I want it. After all, you trust me. You open up so easily, even after mistreatment.

2. I'm sorry you feel that way

Translation: No, I'm not sorry. Let's end this argument so that I can continue my abusive behavior. I'm not sorry that I did what I did, I wish I was taken by surprise. I am sorry to be prosecuted. For me, any emotion is not valid, because I have the right to do everything I want, no matter how you feel about it.

3. You are too sentimental and react excessively to everything.

Translation: Let me light you up - as long as you work hard on relationships to please me, I reap all the benefits without any consequences for my behavior.

4. Are you crazy?

Translation: I am a master of creating chaos to provoke you. I like it when you react so aggressively. So I can point a finger at you and say that you are crazy. In the end, no one will listen to what you say about me. Forget the fact that I am the one who is truly irrational and pounces on everything that threatens my sense of superiority.

5. My ex - crazy

Translation: I drove my ex-lovers. It was so much fun! All I had to do was provoke, point out flaws and push them until I get a response in response. Finally, when I did this, I used these reactions against them to show everyone how aggressive they are. Soon you will also become a "former madman."

6. She is just a friend

Translation: I keep it as a backup, just in case, when I get bored with you. He can replace you if you leave.

7. You are so jealous and unsure of yourself.

Translation: This love triangle is such a fun! I like the way you fight for my attention. I feel so welcome and strong when I flirt with other girls in front of you. You're so annoyed. It is especially interesting to create insecurity in you, pointing out flaws that are not there, or to reveal the pain that already exists. The more you feel weaker, the less likely you are to try to get away from me. The truth is that everything you suspect is based on reality. But let me remind you: I have the right to everything. This includes other romantic persons.

8. Do you have trust issues?

Translation: I’m an unreliable person and I’ve demonstrated it over and over again, betraying you. Your intuition doesn't let you down. The best thing you could do is trust yourself and run in a different direction. But, of course, for me it would be much less tempting.

9. Not you, but me

Translation: If you ever turn your attention to your needs, I will definitely begin to behave selfishly. I will make you feel guilty and ashamed that you have these needs, because I can never satisfy them. I do not want to do this, because it distracts me from the person who is really important to me - I myself!

10. Why should we stay friends?

Translation: I really do not like losing my personal harem. I would prefer to leave you in case I need you. Plus, collecting former ones is my hobby. It is so convenient to be able to contact someone when I am especially bored.

11. No one will believe you

Translation: I have isolated you to such an extent that you feel that you have no support. I invented stories about you beforehand and told them to others, so people already suspect that you are constantly lying. So yes, some may not believe you, especially those who still consider me an amazing person. Especially the people who continue to help me.

However, there are others who may believe you, and I cannot take the risk of lying to them about you. Making you feel alienated and lonely is the best way to protect my image. This is the best way to convince you to remain silent and never tell the truth about who I really am.

12. You will never find someone like me

Translation: If you never find someone like me - this is a big plus for me. There are people who will treat you much better than me. But I would never want you to meet them or reveal your true value. I would rather you continue to suffer because of me.