You will look as attractive as possible with short hair, if you consider these rules

Short haircut is especially relevant in the summer. No, even the most stylish headdress, will not prevent you from boasting styling. But there is a catch. Short haircut is not for everyone. To some ladies, she seriously distorts the proportions or makes them absolutely unfeminine (especially if you ignore the make-up application). These tips will help you check it out without the help of a hairdresser.

Virtual fitting

The easiest way is to make a high-quality photo and try on the desired haircut and hair color using your smartphone. Such applications can be easily found online or downloaded to your phone. The most popular, for example, is Hairstyle Try-On or MakeUp Cam.

Hair structure

Pay attention to the structure of your hair. The fact is that the effect of a short haircut depends a lot on styling. And styling, in turn, will be much more stylish and, of course, durable, if the hair has a more dense structure. But with thin hair haircut may look less dramatic.

Face shape

@ thestyleograph The shape of your face also matters. For example, girls with a full face and figure short haircut, most likely, will not work. Especially if the shape of the face is round. But a long and thin face with such a haircut, on the contrary, will look more harmonious.

Professional commentary on the choice of haircuts, we learned from Christina Avdalyan, salon stylist Mrs. Right Natural Beauty:

If you decide to thoughtlessly sit in the hairdresser's chair, being Rapunzel, and expect to go out with an ultrafashionable bob or bean, there is a high risk of remaining displeased with the result.

Fortunately, there is a way to determine in advance whether a short haircut will suit you, and very few people know about this method. Its author, John Frieda, is a famous British stylist and hairdresser who worked with such stars as Jacqueline Kennedy and Diana Ross, Paul McCartney and Princess Diana.
@ thestyleograph The essence of the method is to determine the proportions of your face, in particular, the height of the jaw bone, before going to the stylist. To do this, measure the distance between the earlobe and the tip of the chin: take a pencil and a ruler and attach them to each other, that is, at a right angle. If the distance is less than 5.7 cm, you will have short haircuts - feel free to go to the salon. If the distance is greater, then your face will definitely look more advantageous in the frame of long hair.