4 elusive signs of unreliable men that women notice too late

When we have difficulties in life, it is important for us to get support from a loved one. But often there are situations when it is at such a moment that a woman is left alone with her troubles, and her partner seems to dissolve.

At this point, and comes the realization that he is an unreliable man, and regret that it was not possible to see it before. Here are 4 signs of a partner who will not stay with you in difficult times. They will manifest long before the difficulties knock on your door. Alarms may not be as daunting as you think, which is why it is important to know about them as early as possible.

Unreliable men speak more than act

Actions speak louder than words. When a partner constantly discusses ideas of big changes in relationships, but does not move forward - this is the main sign that he will not do this, despite the fact that he himself initiates the same changes.

For example, he talks about getting together or getting married all the time, but he never makes an effort to find a home or make a marriage proposal.

Unreliable men take you for granted

If you invest 75% of the effort in the relationship, and your partner gives only 25% - this means that he takes you for granted. This lack of effort will lead to insecurity in the future.

He takes you for granted when he expects you to be with him during family events, business parties or difficult days, but when things change, he has more important things to do.

Another sign that he is unreliable is when the efforts he makes to relationships are unpredictable. Unreliable behavior will not give you a guarantee that a person will always be there, no matter what. Such a person may have forgotten to put you on his schedule, or maybe he purposefully always puts his friends above you.

You are the last person to know his true feelings.

Being in a relationship means being honest with each other and communicating in confidence. It also means that you must first contact each other when problems arise. To do otherwise is to be unreliable. If the contribution of everyone else is more important to your partner than yours, your chosen one will clearly not support you (or care about what you think).

Another sure sign is when your partner stops listening to you. This indicates that he “checked” the relationship, and you can clearly feel that he just misses everything, and does not invest intellectually and emotionally to maintain successful relationships.

You are anxious

What matters is how you feel in the relationship itself. Of course, they give you a lot of information about how relationships actually develop.

The warning sign of an unreliable partner is when your friends tend to think of you as a calm and sensible woman, but when it comes to you and your partner, your emotions become more unpredictable. You are overwhelmed with questions, anxiety, and a general sense of despair.

Does this look like your current relationship? If yes, then it's time for a serious conversation. It is worth talking about your expectations from communication and planning activities. That is, how often you will talk (phone calls, text messages, chat through social networks), how often you will go out together and so on.

And if your partner can't give it to you? Unreliable is another word for one who fears commitment. Correctly stated in the old adage: a leopard never changes its spots. So do not expect something that will never happen. There are many people who are able to support you, no matter what.