8 actions for which it is immediately clear that a man is a miser

There is nothing worse than a greedy man - so popular wisdom says, and we completely agree with her. Miserly see better at the earliest stages of your relationship so that in the future you will not be overtaken by a “pleasant” discovery.

1. He goes shopping only during discounts and sales.

For him, it's just a craze - promotions, discounts, coupons and sales. He can wait for a long time on purpose, so that later he can buy the necessary thing (even a mere trifle) at a discount.

2. He is obsessed with saving

Moreover, this economy is not reasonable, but insane and passes all borders. He uses electricity and hot water only during a favorable daily rate, does not flush the toilet for half a day, so as not to flush out the water in vain, spends no more than one napkin for eating and brings clothes to holes? Run from this where your eyes are looking!

3. He believes that souvenirs and gifts for the soul - a waste of money

He does not give flowers, decorations, lovely trinkets and pleasant souvenir to a girl's heart, because he thinks that these are impractical gifts that are not worth giving a lot of money for them.

4. He is rigorously counting his finances.

Greedy man meticulously records all income, expenses, losses and profits, not forgetting a single penny. At the end of the month, he builds up an estimate, calculates expenses and decides in which area of ​​life you need to tighten your belt.

5. He offers to pay for everything in half

His main argument is that this is true. And now you already pay half of the bill in the restaurant, purchases in the supermarket, part of the utility bills and expenses for gifts from his relatives. Honey, where's the justice? ...

6. He requires a report for the money spent

You will have to explain literally for every penny spent, for any purchase and for each trip to the store. And do not even think about gifts for yourself beloved and unplanned purchases.

7. He never brings anything to the table

When he comes to visit you, then to come up empty-handed is quite a normal phenomenon for miser. Not a box of candy, not a bottle of the simplest wine, not a flower. Such a man thinks that if he goes to visit, then all expenses are borne by the owner.

8. He always makes a choice in favor of himself, not you.

It’s better to buy a brace for his beloved next freak in the car, the tenth fishing pole or fifteenth running shoes for running, but will spare money for a good gift for her woman. Draw your own conclusions.