How does every zodiac sign behave when offended at you


No matter how unappealing the anger is, sometimes it is simply impossible to avoid it. No matter how we try to hide it or ignore the problem it creates, sooner or later it will have to be resolved. And each sign of the zodiac behaves quite especially, being in such an unstable state.


When Aries are angry with you, they do not tend to restrain themselves. They instantly explode, and you find yourself completely unprepared for this. Even without trying to pick words, they will directly tell you what they feel. Fortunately, such bursts are quite short. The warmth of them immediately releases, and Aries, coming to their senses, may even apologize for such an unexpected burst of emotions.


Taurus keeps his anger under control and often ignores it, pretending that he doesn't care at all. However, as soon as their fury reaches the boiling point, it will not seem a little. They will remember you everything that caused them to anger lately. It is important to understand that in order to bring them to this state, it will take a lot of effort, so be prepared for the fact that Taurus will not let go of this situation so easily.


When the twins are angry with you, they are ready to wipe you out with words alone. They are capable of such strong and offensive insults, from which it will not be so easy to recover. In this case, the Twins are able to maintain absolute composure in their behavior. Instead of shouting, they will calmly and confidently convey their opinions to you.


Cancer is angry because his feelings are hurt. You will notice that his mood is starting to change more and more, while he is becoming more and more irritable. If you put pressure on him, you will most likely encounter an uncontrolled flow of emotions. Until you understand how much pain the Cancers have caused, they will continually become hysterical. It will also be difficult for you to make peace and make amends.

a lion

If you piss off Lviv, you can have no doubt that they will throw a huge scandal over this. Wherever you are at the moment, your disassembly will definitely attract the attention of others. Lions will be so immersed in all the drama of what is happening, that you will not be able to insert a word. And you can not even dream that they ever apologize for their behavior.


Virgos have such a clear understanding of the right, that they are often beside themselves with anger. Most of the time, they keep everything to themselves, not allowing their anger to escape to the outside world. However, when the pain becomes simply unbearable, they bring it down on their abuser, recalling to him the events of a certain old age, which he probably already forgot.


Because Libra hates conflict, they would rather choose to express their anger through any form of passive aggression. They do not like to sort things out or dramatize, therefore, they will most likely make you suffer, gradually reducing their attention and talking less and less with you. They will give free rein to your feelings when you finally ask whether everything is alright.


I want to believe that you are not so stupid as to manage to piss off Scorpios. As a result, you only regret that you were born, constantly being under their gaze, able to turn all your doubts against you. Deep down you realize that Scorpio can never forget about it, regardless of whether he has forgiven you or not. The pain that accompanies their rage is so strong that you are ready to do anything to stop it.


Sagittarius do not allow them to have too much impact on them, so if you managed to really piss them off, then surely because of something unrealistically stupid. Compassion can not even count, because you will find only a violent brightness. Sagittarius instantly feel betrayed.


First, the angry Capricorn will give you a good scolding. As a result, you can assume that you no longer exist for him. Capricorns never had problems in order to exclude toxic people from their lives. They would rather be alone than surrounded by enemies. If you again want to gain confidence and forgive Capricorns, you will have to try hard for it.


Aquarians usually behave quite calmly and do not seek to delve into the conflict. Aquarius offenders need to do something truly terrible in order to face their bad side. Most often, they prefer to simply disappear from your life. Avoiding you at a meeting and not answering calls is their main strategy.


Pisces is always a storm of emotions and a devastating hurricane that in anger destroys everything in its path. They cost nothing to transform not only their own, but your life into a real nightmare. Instead of concentrating their anger only on you, they will bring it down on everyone around. To solve conflicts Pisces are not accustomed, as they prefer to observe everything that happens from the outside.