5 popular hairstyles that seem like you have no hair

Hair has always been and will be one of the most attractive parts of a woman's appearance, which is why we are trying in every way to maintain their well-groomed appearance, experimenting with haircuts, shades and trying to transform ourselves with the help of stylish hair styling. However, not all that, according to our assumptions, can give us a luxurious head of hair - works. Many popular styling and coloring can play a cruel joke with us and make it worse, for example, to deprive the hair of volume.

Monochromatic coloring

Completely monochromatic coloring makes hair look thinner and less voluminous. The solution is to add hair highlights and a variety of tones. For example - to make staining balayazh. Such coloring will provide your strands with depth and volume and will create the illusion of more dense thick strands.

Straight cut

If you have thin long hair and a smooth haircut without layers, your strands will not seem bulky and thick. Therefore, ask the master to make you a multi-layered haircut or to cut off a long bang, which can be laid on its side. Strands of different lengths will give your hair extra volume.

Your hair color is too similar to skin tone.

If you have pale skin and your hair is platinum, they may appear thinner. Any hair color that is so close to the skin tone that it seems washed out will not have enough depth and volume to make the hair appear thicker. So try adding a few different highlights to the main hair color so that the strands do not look flat.

Too dark shade

Coloring in dark shades is an undoubted trend. However, if you have thin hair, it is better to dye them a little more in lighter shades, for example, chocolate, rather than charcoal black. Otherwise, the hair will look even thinner, especially if the scalp is clearly visible. By the way, to hide it, you can use a special hair dispenser or dark shadows.


Experts do not advise to make very tightly stretched high bunches (at least often) - it damages the hair follicles, contributes to brittleness and hair loss and, ultimately, your curls lose volume. So give preference to loose hair or casual loose braids and bunches.