You are exactly cheating on your husband if you do these 10 things.

Cheating in a relationship can happen to anyone: from a local politician who is caught red-handed to a neighbor who secures his child with a Karate teacher. When people find out about infidelity, they often make all sorts of assumptions about why the second half still made this affair.

The topic of treason is considered non-public, and when in life it still comes to this, it is not so easy to find at least some reliable information and answer the question: "Why did this happen?". Facts from fiction are difficult to sort, and many of the common beliefs about betrayal are wrong or do not give a complete picture.
Here are the 10 most common myths and the real truth about adultery:

Most people who change are just looking for romance.

In fact, the novel is more likely to happen to a person who is not looking for him. This is especially true in cases where a partner for the entire history of his relationship is cheating for the first time. Betrayal often begins with companionship, followed by intimacy, which can turn into regular meetings and courtship.

Must be removed from the spouse of the young or more attractive

Although it happens that a top manager is looking for someone better, but usually his mistress is not younger, richer or more attractive than spouses. Remember Arnold Schwarzenegger's novel with the housekeeper.

Treason - divorce

More than 50 percent of marriages can and do endure treason. Relationships break up because of other problems that happen in the future. For many couples, it becomes surprising that they stay together even after treason, although they had previously denied the possibility of such an outcome in every possible way.

Did once - will do it again

Yes, indeed, some people may continue to break adultery, but, at the same time, many betrayals at one time. What happens after an intrigue can put a marriage on the path of stability or fill it with air. Further, a changed person must be absolutely honest if he wants to maintain the main relationship.

Cheating occurs because something is wrong with marriage

Here is the truth: something is wrong with every marriage. The betrayal reflects, rather, that the partners do not know how to coexist together and cope with all the accumulated problems. Marital misunderstanding does not justify infidelity.

Everything is connected to sex

In fact, betrayals arise from the desire to feel a spiritual connection with a person. Sometimes, things don't go further. But emotional similarity can and often leads to physical intimacy. Sex is not the original purpose. Spiritual communication is a wire to continue communication at a new level.

If there is no sex, then there was no betrayal

Many betrayals occur without any sex. Is it a betrayal to stay in the kitchen until midnight and secretly write to your old classmate about his innermost thoughts? The person who does this may not consider this as a betrayal, but be sure that his / her partner sees it that way. When a person gives the emotional part of himself to someone who can be a potential lover, this can be considered a form of infidelity.

Treason applies to sex too

Just like the myth that it’s only about sex, the common idea that all betrayals are due to unmet emotional needs is not true. For some people (not for most), the goal of betrayal is to “release” excitement.

People who change are unhappy in their marriage

A survey was conducted among people who have an outside relationship, which showed that 56% of men and 34% of women consider their marriage as “happy” or “very happy”. To the question “Do you want to dissolve the marriage?”, The majority answered “no”. As for marriage in general, women mostly talk about their unhappiness in the union.

The novel is over, but the spouses are not separated? They can never be happy again.

I am ashamed to talk about treason spouse with their friends or neighbors. Therefore, we rarely hear success stories after treason. But many couples study and successfully restore their marriages. Some even say that the union only grew stronger after what happened.