5 unexpected reasons why a man needs your hug so much

Modern technologies allow us to communicate with loved ones, wherever they are. Distance has ceased to be an obstacle, and the exchange of thoughts has become easier than ever. Of course, this is a huge advantage of high-tech communications.

But there is one thing they cannot replace (and can they?): These are touches, hugs. The role of physical contact between loved ones can hardly be overestimated. At the beginning of a relationship, lovers use it to the maximum, but later the partners gradually less embrace each other, hold hands less, touch each other less often.

Here are 5 reasons why it is very important to maintain physical contact in a relationship.

1. This is the most natural form of communication between partners.

At the dawn of civilization, when language was not an established means of social communication, communication took place in the simplest and most natural form — through touch. Many women needlessly underestimate the value of physical contact with their chosen ones, especially after a certain time after the start of a relationship. But by touching you give the man to understand how much you need him. The physical interaction between a man and a woman is built into our subconscious.

2. Physical sensation conveys a level of closeness that technology cannot provide.

At any time of the day or night, we can Skype our loved ones if they are far from us. But nothing can replace that feeling when we feel them next to us. There is a level of closeness between a man and a woman that is simply impossible to transmit via the Internet. For our relationship to flourish, we must always find ways to express our love for each other. Technology is able to solve some of the problems caused by distance, but this level of communication still has its ceiling.

3. To convey thoughts or attitudes most accurately through physical contact.

There are two types of communication: verbal and non-verbal. Sometimes there are thoughts that simply can not be clearly expressed in words. We do not pay attention, but in fact we use non-verbal methods more often than we think. They play an important role in our personal relationships. And one of the most visible ways of such communication is physical contact.

4. Through touch you charge a man with energy

We are so excited about the fast transfer of data over several fiber optic cables, as if this technological marvel had never happened before. But most people do not realize that from early times we transmit energy to our loved ones precisely and only through physical contact. If you are close to your beloved man, nothing limits you in how much energy you can transfer to him through kisses, touches or hugs.

5. Your hugs will help a man cope with difficulties.

We all have wounds, both physical and mental. And it is simply impossible to deny the value of touch in their healing. Experts recommend couples to use physical contact as often as possible if one of the partners is going through a difficult period. It doesn't matter if it's a disease or stress. And this is a treatment that technology cannot provide.