How to fill your own worth in the eyes of a man: 3 receptions

Communication is extremely important in dealing with people. If you do not know how to communicate effectively, then you probably have no idea how to make a man love you. Therefore, do not hope that the relationship will last long.

“The only great difficulty in communicating is the illusion that it happened,” said George Bernard Shaw. Really. Especially when you smile widely, pull on a sexy red dress and hope for the best, because this is the first date. Do you think that the meeting went well, but for some reason he does not call back? What happened? Instead of putting the blame on the man, think that perhaps the problem is how you communicate, and what you say does not always correspond to your feelings.

There are many reasons why a man may not call, but the biggest is a woman is a poor interlocutor. When you enter into a relationship with a new interlocutor, try to be yourself, even if it means losing all chances to continue communication. He will know when you are unreal, and no one wants to be fake.

Here are three tips to help a woman improve communication skills. You quickly figure out how to make a man love you.

Pay attention to him

If you listen to a lot and very rarely enter into dialogue, it is worth reviving a little. If the conversation subsides, wait, do not rush to fill the silence with a monologue. Look into his eyes and make contact. Balance and learn to attract a man in the right way: lure him with love.

Sit like a lady, not like a man

Body plastic during a conversation can tell a lot about your values ​​and your personality as a whole. Try to cross your legs or ankles, at least until you know each other better. If you like to sit like a man, let's say, but how will you look when doing this in a dress and with beautifully painted eyes? Men love to occupy a lot of space. Think to compete with them? I do not think so, if only you want to lose it faster than the speed of light. Do not give your movements male color. Otherwise, you will become his rival. Learn to master body language, it is really beautiful.

Behave yourself

Communication in a relationship is one of the greatest elements for creating the desired close relationship. Relationship Health Hazards - The Game. You can flirt and indulge in jokes in the direction of a man, when you only know each other, but do not confuse the chosen one. When he tries to create verbal communication with you, make sure you meet your needs. If he asks a question, answer honestly, not mysteriously and vaguely.

Men do not want to read between the lines. They are exactly for knowing what you really mean. For example, if he asks if you like ice cream, but you have lactose intolerance, you should not go into details and describe disgusting details. You can just say: "I like sorbet more."

It does not matter how good the lips look like when talking or what color your dress is. What really matters is how effectively you can master communication. Communication is not just words. This is the key to getting to know yourself, letting others see you is real and attract a dream man.