How to remove bumps on your legs and wear open shoes again: 3 methods

This disease, by the way, is even inherited. If your mother has a bone, then it is likely that with age, your foot will also begin to deform. However, if no one in your family has suffered such a problem, it does not mean at all that she will not disturb you one day.

A bone on the leg appears due to the fact that the head of one bone protrudes above the other. The more part of the bone protrudes, the stronger the thumb pushes against the other fingers.

In addition to heredity and sharp-toed shoes with high heels, the cause of the appearance can be flat feet, deforming arthrosis, disruption of the endocrine system. Also, their appearance is influenced by excess weight, as the feet experience excessive load, and consequently, the bones. The stone not only spoils the look of your foot, because of it, the load on the knees and the spine is incorrectly distributed.

If you do not start treating the disease in time, lameness may appear and begin to disturb the joints. So how to prevent or reduce the appearance of bone, so as not to bring to surgery in the future?

First stage

At the initial stage, when you have already begun to notice a small bone that appears, you should forget about uncomfortable shoes and start wearing orthopedic shoes. By the way, now she looks fashionable. If you are not ready to part with your favorite moccasins, sneakers and shoes on a flat sole, pay attention to the special interdigital silicone rollers and elastic bands, which fix the foot and prevent it from deforming.
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In order to completely avoid the emergence of a protruding bone, it is necessary, at a minimum, to stop wearing constantly narrow uncomfortable shoes now. Also, do not be lazy and do simple leg exercises in the evenings. To strengthen the muscles of the foot, move each toe for several minutes. Another scatter clips or matches on the floor and lift them one by one, then put a sheet of newspaper and first left, and then crumple it into a tight ball with your right foot. It is useful and fun at the same time. Before bed, apply a cream on your feet and do self-massage. Knead your finger and carefully massage the area where the bone may appear.

Traditional methods of treatment

Put a fresh white egg in a glass with 70% vinegar essence and place in a dark place for two weeks. During this time, the egg dissolves. Discard the remaining shell, and mix the contents of the glass thoroughly and add 1 tbsp. spoon of lard or petroleum jelly (butter is also suitable) and turpentine (10 g). Apply the resulting ointment to the bone before bedtime every other day, alternating with iodine mesh.

In the summer, use burdock every evening for three months. Apply freshly torn sheet with turpentine (green side) and wrap around the foot. Wear a sock and wrap a bag to maintain moisture. Lemon and iodine are also good. You need to take a bottle of iodine and mix it with crushed large lemon. There, add 2 tablets of Aspirin, without forgetting to crush them beforehand. Process this mixture with a cotton swab to process a bone for the night. And, wearing a wool sock, go to bed. After three treatments, take a break for a week. And so three times for three days with weekly breaks.


If you have a complex and neglected case, you can cope with the protruding bone only in the surgeon's office. But do not be afraid of such an operation. Modern methods are not so traumatic, and you will be able to walk almost the next day, and in three days you can get out of the hospital. Some time still need to wear special shoes or insoles.