What appears in the wardrobe of a woman with her lover: 4 metamorphosis

When a man appears in your life, you feel completely different - more attractive, desirable and sexy. This feeling always wants to be emphasized with the help of clothes, so our wardrobe undergoes significant changes. What metamorphoses happen to him and how can he betray us?

Do you have designer underwear

Beautiful underwear makes you feel more refined, even when it is not visible. What can we say about the night alone with your loved one? And he, too, definitely likes such innovations, because women in beautiful underwear always give birth to men.

You changed comfortable shoes to elegant shoes.

High heels are the embodiment of femininity. In elegant shoes, your leg looks longer and slimmer, and the figure itself is more elegant and proportioned. Changing and gait - heels have to go slowly and gracefully.

Dresses and skirts have become your basic wardrobe

You want to be gentle, beautiful, sensual next to your man, so you change into dresses. It is really worth it - few of the men do not experience the thrill at the sight of an elegant lady in a beautiful dress.

No tights - only stockings

What could be a more effective weapon for seducing men than stockings? It is worth noting that you should not create too vulgar images. The most sexy thing you can think of is stockings under an elegant pencil skirt in combination with classic boats. He definitely will not stand!