3 treatments at bedtime to make hair look like after a beauty salon

To achieve beautiful curls with minimal effort - we all dream about it. But not always what turns out corresponds to what we wanted. Sleeping on a hair curler is still something fun, although many people are convinced that it gives a stunning effect. But, by the way, not always - owners of fine hair are unlikely to be happy with styling in the morning.

If you do not want to use a curling iron, sleep on a curler, but dream of beautiful curls, we have three ways that work. And work fine.

Use a headband

Put it on your head so that the bandage is horizontal to the ears. Separate the hair and wrap it around the bandage.

Use studs

If you have a little time (and patience) before going to bed, you are not afraid to sleep with a bunch of hairpins in your hair - then try making curls with them. This method works on any length and fits any type of hair. Take a strand of any thickness, wrap it in a mini-bundle and pin it with studs.

Tie into a bun

In the morning you will get beautiful, elastic curls. But before that, apply a styling foam so that the hair does not stick out in different directions. You can stab the bundle with pins or stealth so that it stays better in place during sleep.