7 rare qualities of a woman who make a man think about her always

The strength of a woman lies not only in the qualities that she manifests in the intimate sphere, although they play an enormous role. If she does not transmit a special energy to a man, without which they fail to establish an emotional connection, then no skills will help a woman to become an excellent lover.

Emotional intimacy and instinctive desire to attach to a loved one are needed to maintain a sense of comfort, to feel care. This is the difference between physical attraction and love.

By taking care, a man and a woman increase their attractiveness, make each other feel special. On this basis, they have confidence. They see real people with their defects, but not idealized images.

What should be a passionate lover? There is no definite answer, it is a “composite” image. Between lovers flows a kind of "chemistry", unique and inimitable in its own way: kisses, smells, touches, voice - everything matters.

7 more secrets of a temperamental mistress:

  • Such a woman is a diligent student.
  • She is a playful and passionate partner.
  • Makes a man feel most welcome
  • Open to experiments
  • Talks about your needs and listens to your partner
  • Does everything without haste
  • She likes to give pleasure to her partner and get it in return.

What can prevent to become a sultry lover? As a rule, these are her own taboos, excessive egoism, gaps in experience, and female insecurity. So that intimacy is not filled with monotony, it is worth experimenting and trying something new, but only what is acceptable for both partners, of course.

But a woman is always worth remembering about the emotional union with a man, without which intimate life is unlikely to bring both of them for a long time, despite all the “technical knowledge” of the partner.