How to seduce men of different signs of the zodiac



He will try to seduce you as soon as possible. Resolute and persistent, he firmly goes to his goal and does not give up. Therefore, immediately giving him what he wants is not worth it - it may lose interest.


He will give you gifts and tasty feed in the restaurant. He himself is a true hedonist in life, so he will not miss the opportunity to please the object of his passion.


He can tell fairy tales. Yes, such that it is damn difficult to resist them, if at all possible. The main thing here is not to lose his head right away, and not to give up too soon, otherwise he will become bored and he will run away somewhere.


He is a real romantic, and he is also tempting to be romantic - to give flowers and gifts, invites you for a walk under the moon, and may even begin to make plans for a happy future together.

a lion

Usually, he doesn’t need to seduce anyone at all, because women themselves are ready to do anything to “seduce” them. However, he can seduce, will invite you to the best restaurant in the city, give the best gift and even give you a compliment (incredible).


He does not waste time in vain, and therefore will immediately tell you about his plans - what kind of repairs he is going to do in the apartment, and where he will go on vacation. And if he really likes you, he will offer to join.


Charming than Libra, it seems there is no one at all. He is cheerful and friendly, and when seduced he focuses on heart-to-heart talk.


Like Leo, Scorpio doesn’t have to work especially on seduction. He has enough of his alluring look and personal charisma. Just make sure that he treats you seriously and not use your feelings as entertainment.


He will tell you about an unforgettable journey, in which you go, and about a profitable business, which you will open together. Well, how can you resist?


A serious, intelligent and successful man, and he also has a very representative appearance (and all Capricorns are just like that) - why should he even seduce someone? Enough smiles and invitations to the restaurant.


He will open before you the doors of his extremely specific, but incredibly fascinating world. You will quickly get acquainted with his friends, get involved in his interests and will not get anywhere from him.


He will intrigue you, tell you what you didn’t know before, take you to a museum and amaze you with your incredible knowledge. A great esthete, he loves everything beautiful and is ready to share his love with others.